Hello Dear Reader, thank you for joining me on this journey into THE WORLD OF YESTERDAY!!!!

First at bat is news from our northern cousins and the Canadian Football League. Yes, I watch the CFL and so do other columnists here at the Playbook, in fact, you should follow the @World_Wide_Wob (a.k.a. Rob Perez). He’s got a ton of funny to share and he does very often. He plucked this gem from last night’s CFL game before I could post it!

I expect the truffle-shuffle next time, Lewis!

Baseball is an outdoor sport and with being outdoors comes nature and all her minions. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you nature’s number one minion…the Pigeon.

I don’t blame you, bruh. I’d duck too if a flying rat came at me.

Staying in Baseball land, never…NEVER….try to back pedal faster that Miggy can run.

Now for the tag that wasn’t, Cubs 1B Anthony Rizzo must have a bit of the voodoo-hoodoo looking out for him because physics and geometry fail to explain this missed tag.

He quickly followed it up with the following.

“It’s magic.” Yes, Rizzo it is magic and TWO POINTS, GRYFFINDOR!

And not for the un-Magic moment of the night, when you pitch out a guy to move on to the next batter…you don’t want to do this.


Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers is dating Olivia Munn. She is starring in the next X-Men movie and she’s got mad skills with a sword. Aaron on the other hand…shouldn’t give up tossing the pigskin.


Olivia Munn…this one’s for you…

Now for the soccer portion of our time traveling trip.

The FC Barcelona team members have incredible skills with the soccer ball, but this guy made me dizzy just watching this vine.

Yes, that one I believe would be “Snoop Approved.”

Speaking of a strike! Unmute the following vine for incredible hyperbole.

To wit, I respond…

The transfer season in the English Premier League is in full swing and with it the summer heat combining for some strange fan celebration videos that bubble up to the surface of the Internet. I give you people’s exhibit, A.

From what I can tell, Arsenal fan’s are happy about Cech signing with the Gunners.

Last week, the USA Women’s World Cup team dismantled the German Ladies to move on to the final match this Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! You might have watched the match, but you might have missed the fan’s in the stands. I didn’t and I give you this week’s DVR Screengrabs of the Week!

Some might say soccer has gone to these girls brains.

Then Captian America and his brother Uncle Sam showed up to watch the US Ladies take the pitch.

That’s all for this week’s SPORT’S TIME MACHINE!!!!!!!

Till next time, bizz, bang, boom; Happy Birthday, America!!!!!