…the reason why Jameis Winston posted a picture of him eating crab legs last night isn’t nearly as perfect as you wanted to believe.

In case you missed it, Winston took this picture a short time after being selected first overall by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers — and uploaded it to his Instagram account…

capitals fire

As we all know by now, Winston got busted walking out of a Publix supermarket with crab legs that he allegedly didn’t pay for. It was as equally-puzzling as it was funny.

Fast-forward ~2 years, and here we are…Jameis is officially a pro, and haters were already pouring in even before he put a Tampa hat on. What better way to feed the trolls than give them EXACTLY what they want — Boom, the Instagram post. A picture of him and crab legs, the Jameis photo equivalent of: “HI, HATERS!!!”.

Literally ‘lmao’ stuff. But, not so fast my friend…

Former Tampa Bay Bucs great Shaun King was sitting next to Jameis, and delivered a dagger to our “Jameis Winston, TROLL GOD” dreams:



This had all the potential in the world to be the greatest “First Tweet as a Pro” ever, but, it appears the context of the post didn’t have the ‘middle finger to the world’ intentions that we all desired.

Now that I think about it, MAYBE IT DID. MAYBEJUST MAYBE Jameis is SO good at trolling that he knew he could fall back on this “What’s the problem? I’m just thanking the famous ‘Deadliest Catch’ Captain for presenting me with these delicious crab legs!” story if he needed to/got in trouble with the Bucs (like he did…)


…and all along: he meant to troll the Publix shop-lifting story, with an alibi in his back pocket!

Fast-forward 12 hours, and now: the post is deleted — and Jameis is playing it like “Oh I didn’t mean to bring attention to such a sensitive subject, that wasn’t the purpose of it….My bad.”

Which, if history is any indication, is a Jameis-ism for:



Only Jameis could deliver such a glorious pun/subtweet in photo form.

Long story short: You can’t fool us, Jameis … you are … and will always be … the controversial villain that we all love to hate — and as long as you continue to perfectly rock the boat like you did last night, you’re going to dethrone Johnny Football and Tim Tebow as ‘The Social Media Champ’ one day.