Gonna be sad to see Steve Smith Sr. hang it up after this NFL season. He’s been one of the most entertaining and by far one of the most competitive players, let alone receiver under 6 ft, to ever play in the League. Steve is also known as one of the all-time trash talkers in the NFL too.

If he isn’t scared to go after men literally trying to knock his head off, you better BELIEVE he won’t hesitate to crush someone on the internet. All the craziness today started with a harmless complimentary tweet to the former Panthers Pro Bowler…






That’s when some lonely Cleveland Browns fan had to let the pythons breathe and really stretch out those Twitter muscles..    






























Not quite sure why this dude thought it was a good idea picking this fight. The last time Steve got challenged he unleashed blood n’ guts and 2 TD’s on the field.

Now, per usual… it’s about that time to #PrayForCleveland.