(Time) – In an interview with Boston radio, brother Chris Gronkowski revealed that the Gronkowski family, including Rob, his four brothers, and his father Gordon, will be filming an episode of the game show this weekend, although the air date of the episode is unknown.


It’s no longer the Summer of Gronk…at this point it’s pretty much the Earth of Gronk. Just a couple days ago Roberto was running around the beach with limitless chicks and announcing he’s the Grand Marshal for a NASCAR race on Father’s Day. This weekend him and his entire Partyrockin Tribe will be on Family Feud most likely dominating everything in sight. Survey says THERE WILL BE NO DANCING AND ZERO FUN.

So what does Gronk do during his well earned and much needed downtime? Just casually surprising every school in Foxborough with the Lombardi Trophy whilst spiking, dancing, and doing whatever the kids want. He kicked off his 5 school adventure surprising the graduating seniors at Foxborough High School. Hmm I wonder if that got them hyped?


After that he headed to one of the elementary schools for very important business. Judging a dance-off!



And during a middle school assembly he did whatever was asked of him. Aka spiking the heck out of whatever was close.



Don’t EVER forget how much Bob loves spiking..



The only question better than “can you spike this” was



The fame, the chicks, the partying, the dancing, the Entourage cameos, Family Feud etc all of it is incredibly crazy, awesome, cool. But find me a future Hall of Famer slash Superbowl champion that gives back this much to the community around him. It never gets trending on Twitter because that stuff isn’t sexy.

It’s not like Gronk cares he just keeps on trucking in fact he probably enjoys these types of events more than any. Living that Billy Madison life baby. Next time you’re about to say he parties too much keep these in mind. Ya idiot.


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PS Gronks cameo in Entourage RULES. Cried laughing when he popped up