Ho-hum nothing to see here. Just another week with another long list of crazy experiences and endless charity events for Rob Gronkowski. Last week he was giving Poppa Gronk a NASCAR sized gift for Father’s Day. Well actually it ended up raining and the race got delayed BUT the Bro Powers were still in full effect..



TSwift is great and everything but if you’re not gonna rock some “LMFAO” or drop “I WOKE UP IN A NEW BUGATTI” then why even have the Bros on stage? At the very least give em a hot beat to freestyle too..



Oh and not only did Gronk meet with families from the Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation while in Chicago, the very next morning he was already in Virginia ballin it up with the kids…



WHO IS THIS MAN? I feel exhausted just putting this blog together.. Roberto must be slowing down right?







un-REAL. Another week passed….another Gronk lesson learned. He really does not Get Hyped. He STAYS HYPED. I wonder if he has any Mario Kart skills though…