(NASCAR) – Rob Gronkowski will drive the pace car and serve as co-grand marshal for the NASCAR XFINITY Series stand-alone race under the lights. “Gronk” will be joined as co-grand marshals by his four brothers Gordie Jr., Chris, Dan and Glenn. Father Gordy Sr. will also be at the track in the event that comes on Father’s Day weekend. The elder Gronkowski (Mr. Gronk to you) will be the honorary starter.

“I’m stoked to spend Father’s Day weekend with my family at Chicagoland Speedway,” Gronkowski said in a track release. “Not only are we coming from all over the country to celebrate the best dad in the world, but I get the ultimate adrenaline rush of getting behind the wheel and driving the pace car to kick-off the NASCAR race. My brothers and I get to say the most famous words in racing, and my dad gets to wave the green flag to start the race. It’s going to be an awesome weekend.”


Awesome weekend? Sounds terrible.

Dancing all over a race track with your bros? Not fun.

Having your dad start a NASCAR race as a Fathers Day present? Not cool.



The overall point here being; Gronk’s life sucks. He’s barely had any fun since the Super Bowl and there is seemingly none on the horizon. And if that wasn’t bad enough, now he’s got seemingly endless ladies chasing him down the beach. Must be so annoying. Solid cardio though I guess?




But in all seriousness there’s 0% chance Roberto actually makes it to Chicago. He’s not putting one giant toe down on land until the very first day of double sessions….




Jk he’ll be back. How else could he dance with his brothers? Can’t do it around a bunch of chicks that’d be gross.