Alotta people may say don’t quit your day job but I think this is an absolute banger. What does it really take to make a good song anyway? Big Papi is bouncing around looking cool while he’s doing fake DJ moves. Gronk is the perfect hype man twerking everywhere and hulking out of his tanktop. Throw in a slightly cool but mostly creepy mascot, autotune EVERYTHING and bam! Firejam city.

It’s how most rappers made their living in the late 2000’s so why can’t Bostons new Dynamic Duo do the same? And you better believe they’re going all the way with this. Summer Chill World Tour coming at ya in 6-9 months baby!



First it was “Sippin” now it’s “Turn It Up”… after they complete the trilogy all thats left to conquer is stand up comedy.



Welp nevermind! Got emmmmmmmmmmm