In case you missed it: The New York Giants and Carolina Panthers squared off in an emotional, testy, HEATED game of football on Sunday afternoon at the Meadowlands — which ultimately saw the Panthers win the game and Carolina remain undefeated on the season.

Along the way, there were no shortage of fireworks between each team’s best players: Odell Beckham Jr. for the Giants, and Josh Norman for the Panthers:

The two had been talking trash all week and they went AT IT from the opening bell:

There was a vicious late hit delivered by Beckham on Norman:

Odell scored a massive, late game-tying TD and followed it up by doing the Allen Iverson step-over of Tyronn Lue on Norman

ODB even went after Cam Newton and his famous Dab dance:

But the Panthers won it on a field goal at the gun … and Josh had some words to say after the game about Odell:

and also took to Twitter to rub it in his rival’s face:


Cannot WAIT for this rematch.

Oh, and also: for the first time in a long time, Cam Newton wasn’t the center of everyone’s attention — and whether you love or hate the guy, it’s really hard to say bad things about him when he consistently creates moments like this…

P.S. I’d pay a lot of money to find out what was said here after the game…

Until next time…