I’m so tired of deflategate. I don’t feel like writing about it, and you don’t feel like reading about it. So this isn’t going to cover the six month journey that under inflated footballs have taken us on. This is about the future, and it’s as bright as ever in Foxborough, MA.

I was done writing about the actual investigation back in May, when I suggested that a potential suspension of Tom Brady might help the Patriots in the long run.

Yes, I’m a Bostonian, but by no means do I consider myself a “homer.” Today, in the wake of the NFL upholding TB12′s four-game suspension, I’m here to tell you that I’ve never been more confident in the Patriots heading into a season.

This drama has gone on forever. As excited as I am for football to return, I almost feel like it never left. This story carried us through the ENTIRE offseason.

It doesn’t matter what’s true or false anymore, nor does it matter who’s right or wrong. Bill Belichick is mad, Tom Brady is mad, and all of his teammates are mad. Give me four games of Jimmy Garoppolo, because like everything else, it doesn’t matter. The Patriots have never been more dangerous.

Jimmy G could go 4-0, 2-2 or even 0-4. That’s not going to change the fact that the Pats get 12 games of Brady. But not just regular old Hall of Fame, greatest QB of all-time Brady … an angry Hall of Fame, greatest QB of all-time Brady with more motivation than he’s ever had in his career. 12 games alone of that Brady is going to be enough to win the division, maybe even the AFC if Garoppolo does happen to get a good jump on the season.

This is what the Patriots do. They overcome adversity, spin it into a positive, and win. Last season, I wrote them off after they got blown out in Kansas City on MNF to drop to 2-2. The only games they lost the rest of the season was a meaningless regular season finale against the Bills in which several starters rested, and a heartbreaker in Green Bay that many think helped shape the team. They essentially ran the table through the Super Bowl aside from the GB game.

The first four games don’t matter when you know you’re making the playoffs. They matter more to us in the sense that New England WRs take a hit in fantasy value for four games (I’m sure you’ll figure out an alternate plan).

Tom Brady’s going to return to football on a Sunday night against the Colts and put on a show for the ages (seriously, I’ll give you a little DFS tip, PUT TOM BRADY IN YOUR LINEUP WEEK 6 — anything short of 5 TDs and 400 yards will be a disappointment). The perfect start for what will be a legendary 12-game season.

The Pats could have sat back and been content with what they have. They got their Super Bowl last season, proof that they’re still relevant after winning three in the early 2000’s. They have it all, but now they’re suddenly starving for more. That’s as dangerous a team as I can imagine.

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