Somewhere, Skip Bayless is rejoicing as the rest of the world is simply laughing. Tim Tebow is getting another shot.

Just when we thought this guy was finally done, the Eagles come into play and offer Tebow the perfect mess to be a part of. Philly has already been in the headlines for sending stars like LeSean McCoy and Jeremy Maclin packing this offseason, but it seems Chip Kelly isn’t afraid to bring in a name that could take some attention away from the coach like McCoy suggested.

The last time we saw Tebow he was working on his beautiful form with the Patriots in the 2013 preseason
The last time we saw Tebow he was working on his beautiful form with the Patriots in the 2013 preseason

Tebow’s only NFL success came in 2011 when he took the Broncos to the playoffs and actually won a game before getting an all-time smack down from Tom Brady and the Patriots. Then there was the ugly season with the Jets, a training camp stop with the Pats, and finally, it was on to TV life for Tim Tebow. Until now.

The only thing Tebow does seem to have in common with Brady is a throwing coach, Tom House. Apparently House has Kelly believing that Tebow has improved to the point that he’s worth gambling a roster spot on (Tebow’s expected to sign a one-year dead for the minimum). In related news, it’s starting to look like Chip Kelly has no idea how to run a football team.

I was already kind of questioning the Eagles’ offseason moves, but at this point I’ll just ask it: What the hell are these guys doing?

Their quarterbacks are Sam Bradford, Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow and Matt Barkley. Hey Chip, that might make for a good college All-Star game seven years ago, but it’s not going to win you NFL games in 2015.

Here’s what you can expect from Tebow. He’ll come to camp in great shape, work hard, be a good teammate, say all the right things to the media and probably not sell many jerseys at Modell’s. But you can’t expect him to produce anything meaningful in the NFL, like winning. That was a flash in the pan. A fluke that we won’t see again.

There’s really not much else to say. This is news because his name’s Tim Tebow. Otherwise it’s just some fourth string QB that (maybe) opens up the year with the Eagles and you go, “Hey, I didn’t know he was on this team.”

The funnier story here is probably that Sanchez has to deal with Tebow being behind him on the depth chart again. Or at least we assume so. I guess at this point there’s no telling what Kelly’s depth chart could look like. I am by no means a Sanchez fan, but sorry dude, this has to suck to have this happening all over again.

But here’s your new weapon Chip. Enjoy!

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