The first time I drove around Philadelphia I said “I hate Philadelphia” no less than 200 times. Stop signs everywhere, rude weird people scattered in the streets, the worst trash accent ever, and their sports teams are AWFUL. Not on the Cleveland level of course, (NOTHING IS), but Philly teams always come up short and then of course, Philly fans HAMMER people.

Well despite my hate for Philly never going away, I must admit I got pretty damn fired up watching this montage. Hard not to with Brian Dawkins, aka Weapon X, narrating the whole thing. It might actually take a Pope’s blessing to keep Sam Bradford’s knees healthy but if they do… watch out world. Philly fans could be hammering people all over the streets of San Francisco.

Someone please tell Santa to stay home in February if that’s the case.








PS: I found the one group of people that can match Philly’s psychopathic scumbag intensity. Without further ado I present,

Alabama Fans Who Set Their Truck On Fire And Drive It Off A Cliff