It was a weird week.

Outside of Aaron Rodgers, whose upside was capped by limited passing attempts, all of the elite quarterbacks turned in mediocre-at-best performances. Peyton Manning was bad. Drew Brees was worse.

At the running back position, a player who was in right around 1-in-170 lineups led all scoring (Jonas Gray). Mike Evans – a wide receiver who many believe was overpriced – went for 209 yards and two touchdowns. Jimmy Graham got shut down, while Luke Wilson (the actual actor) and Tony Moeaki ranked in the top 10 in tight end points.

In short, it was a good week to go against-the-grain. Here’s how things shook out on DraftKings in Week 11.


Millionaire Maker: DaveTheChamp (233.74 points)

DaveTheChamp is the newest DraftKings millionaire, taking down the field of over 72,000 by 3.7 points. DaveTheChamp had quite the sweat on Monday night, as the second-place finisher was right on his heels with Le’Veon Bell running all over Tennessee. Luckily for DaveTheChamp, Bell’s 204 rushing yards still weren’t enough to cut into what was a massive lead heading into Monday night.

Nov 18 1


DaveTheChamp rostered a few high-usage players in Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson, A.J. Green, and Jeremy Hill, but he had a few key under-the-radar picks as well. Gray was of course the leader in that clubhouse; his four touchdowns and 46.9 fantasy points were incredibly valuable in a field of this size. The same goes for Brandon Marshall, whose health scared away enough users that, despite a decent matchup, he was in only 5.8 percent of lineups.

We don’t normally see a miss in the winning Millionaire Maker lineup, but again, it was a strange week. DaveTheChamp was able to overcome a seven-point effort from Mychal Rivera. That was partly due to the ineffective play out of pretty much every tight end. Rostering the Bucs D, which was in fewer than 1-in-100 lineups, was a key move.

Note that DaveTheChamp used a wide receiver in the flex, which was a smart decision. Wide receivers have proven to be effective tournament flex plays because their production is somewhat volatile (which allows for big games, which DaveTheChamp got out of all four of his receiver choices).

Congrats to DaveTheChamp on his $1,000,000 cash!


Sunday 300 Grand: bigkdc (208.84 points)

Nov 18 2


While the Millionaire Maker winner went over 230 points in Week 11, the winner of the Sunday Grand – which had fewer than 1,600 entrants – needed fewer than 210 points to take home the $50,000 grand prize.

Due to fewer lineups with which to compete, bigkdc was able to nab first place by over four points despite two dud performances from his tight end and defense, which combined for just nine points.

The key for bigkdc was the use of wide receiver Mike Evans, who shockingly wasn’t in the winning Millionaire Maker lineup. Evans was present in right around 1-in-40 lineups, which gave bigkdc a scarce source of elite production. Other than Evans, bigkdc pretty much went with the “chalk” at his other spots, rostering high-usage guys like Rodgers, Bell, Benjamin, Nelson, and Hill.

The difference between this lineup and the winning Millionaire Maker lineup shows that there’s more than one way to win a big GPP. Not only did bigkdc use popular players, but he also used a running back in the flex – perhaps a smart move on Sunday given the cheap production he was able to grab out of Hill and Alfred Blue.

Note that bigkdc’s victory was far from a sure thing up until the conclusion of the Monday night contest. Bigkdc needed a big performance out of Bell against the Titans, and that’s exactly what he got.


$100K Play-Action #2: mr910 (219.94 points)

The closest finish in Week 11 was in the Play-Action #2, where mr910 won by just 0.4 points. That’s particularly awesome since mr910 rostered Bell, so he was sweating all of the Monday night matchup.

Nov 18 3


Sometimes GPPs can be decided even before the Monday night game, but sometimes they come down to the final play. Had mr910 gotten just five fewer yards out of Bell, his winnings would have been cut in half, down to $5,000 from $10,000.

Note that mr910 missed on Vernon Davis, who was in just 2.7 percent of lineups, but made up for it with a Rodgers/Cobb stack and a running back trio that was absolutely perfect; Bell, Gray, and Charles scored an unimaginable 113.9 points, propelling mr910 to victory.


King of the Beach Qualifiers

Congrats to bloopernyla, jsurab, Comox_Warrior, and TommyG5 for qualifying for the King of the Beach tournament. All four users will head to the Bahamas in December to compete for $2.5 million in prizes, including $1 million to first place.

The most interesting of the four lineups was surely that of bloopernyla.

Nov 18 4


It’s difficult to win any GPP, especially one with over 11,000 entries. So what are the chances of winning a tournament of this size with one less player than the majority of the field? That’s the equivalent of what bloopernyla did since he rostered Montee Ball, who ended up scoring exactly zero points.

To overcome a zero from one of his starting running backs, bloopernyla had to be basically perfect elsewhere. He didn’t miss on any other picks, and even won his $5 qualifier by over four points.

It was a strange week indeed.