Four games. Tom Brady will watch the beginning of the next NFL season from home.

One million dollars! Patriots Owner Robert Kraft will have to not idle his private jet for an extra half hour.

A first round draft pick in the 2016 NFL Draft and a fourth-round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. Ouch, okay I didn’t see that one coming. Well done Mr. Goodell. Well done.

Just another fac ein the crowd for the first four weeks of the Patriots least.
Just another face in the crowd for the first four weeks of the Patriots season…at least.

It is at this point in my columns that I begin a tirade against Roger Goodell for being a blue-suited executive over the world’s largest non-profit entertainment brand in the known world. But this time, it is not warranted.

So, yeah, this is unchartered territory for me. I don’t normally dole out praise for an executive. It’s like making eye-contact with the bus driver. Don’t do it. For your safety and theirs.

So, let’s unpack the details.

The Patriots just got the smack-down laid upon them with a mighty blow. A first round draft pick next year is like putting a team in a coma for a year. Sad, but I doubt anyone is going to shed a tear for them.

So I turned to the Twitter-sphere to see what the world had to say. Turns out the scuttlebutt from other NFL players wasn’t a shining beacon of hope.

“[T]hey will bend the rules…” Yeah slightly. Glad to know the Patsies have a stellar reputation among the league. This reputation preceded itself. So much so that the Colts emailed the NFL about the softness of Brady’s balls for the AFC Championship game in question. Turns out it was the grassy knoll and Brady was riding around in the convertible. I’m trying very hard not to picture Bellichek in the pink Jackie-O dress and the little pill hat she had, but…oh damn…there’s the mental picture. That’s going to take another drink to kill those brain cells. But don’t worry, Brady isn’t done for. He’s just sitting for four weeks. But his agent has already said they are appealing.
Yeah, Brady pays this guy to stick up for him. Usually, agents get 10 percent of their clients gross salary. Brady gets about $9 million a year. So, do the math. That’s about $900K in the pocket of the agency that represents Brady. So yeah, I’d call the discipline ridiculous too if my client was missing four game checks next season. That cuts into my bottom line.

So. Where does that leave us? You and I. The daily fantasy sports player. I figure the running backs for the Patriots suddenly became more likely to get carries for the first portion of the looming season.

Till next time, I’m betting on the running game and follow me @Deepdfspicks.