Here’s what was on the menu:

2 racks of beef ribs

2 racks of baby back ribs

1 whole chicken

2 pulled pork sandwiches

1 giant sausage

1 pound of mac and cheese

Large side of fries

Large Onion Rings

Bite of coleslaw

2 ears of corn

64-ounce Mountain Dew



Wow how good does a rack of ribs and a pound of country mac n cheese sound right now? Granted that’d be all I could muster in my little tummy but hey we aren’t all 6’3” 250 lb cavemen that legally kill people for a living. Even for one of those guys this is a pretty insane effort too.

Dwyane Johnson aka THE ROCK inhales 4,000 calories a day and JJ Watt gobbles up 9,000… so Brock is on a whole other level here. I feel like you can’t be named Brock and NOT have some awesome meathead ability like this. And let’s not forget about that lettuce…



Except today, except today…








PS: Did you know The Boz was in an action movie called “Stone Cold”? I sure didn’t. He plays a VERY poor man’s Jason Bourne…TBT!