Trade rumors are swirling around the Twitter-sphere about the Cleveland Browns potentially trading their first round picks to the Tennessee Titans for the 2nd pick to grab Marcus Mariota.


Aside from the job security of an gnat that Johnny “Football” must be feeling right now, much less Connor Shaw or Josh McGown. I propose a peek into Alternate-Bad-Draft-Day-Trade History.

Our players include hyperactive NFL Franchise Owners, with weak-kneed General Managers, and the ever present media frenzy provided in part by your’s truly. Boil it all down and you have a bad sequel to Draft Day. #KevinCostnerWouldntMakeThatTrade

Here’s a possibility that includes my hometown bad-draft-day traders, the Washington Redskins.

The Washington Redskins recently elected to pick up the fifth year option on RG3′s four year prison sentence; err, I mean, “professional football contract.” And by RG3, I mean Robert Griffin, III. This sad occurrence met a light “meh” in the Washington, DC area. Why? Because nothing about the Redskins and how they throw away money is exciting anymore. The last exciting thing that occurred was drafting RG3.

In 2012, RG3 came into the league with the keys to an offense that didn’t have much hope. But akin to President Obama on the Mount Olympus of Washington, DC deities. He hadn’t even played a snap and was a household name. Decried by some; honored by many. His first season was notable, but the holes in the offensive line cost RG3 confidence in his knee and his mobility that lasted up until last year.

The Redskins need to prevent this form happening to RG3. Answer? Draft some linemen!
The Redskins need to prevent this from happening to RG3. Answer? Draft some linemen!

So, the Redskins just double-downed on RG3. They picked up the fifth-year option which promises the quarterback $16.1 million. This is the reward for throwing for 1,694 yards last year, having the lowest touchdown percentage of his young career and giving up 227 sack yards.

Okay, I’m going to wipe off the sack yards stat as a bruise against RG3, because this is where the Redskins should have spent their money in the first place. Their offensive line is so bad, they could be out gunned by my grandma on her rascal. Their offensive line is so full of holes Switzerland should sue them for copyright infringement on Swiss Cheese.

The Offensive line is plain awful. Yes, they have suffered with injuries, but in the same vein other teams in the NFC East have cultivated their offensive lines. I hate to admit this, but the Dallas Cowboys have a spectacular offensive line. Oh God, I just threw up in my mouth.

The Cowboys offensive line built…wait for it…with draft picks. RG3 came to Washington..wait for it…by giving AWAY draft picks.

So with $16.1 million on the bonfire to the Football Gods, where can the Redskins go this season?

They have a solitary first round pick this year. Number 5. And there is rumor swirling the Washington, DC area football toilet bowl that the Browns are chatting with the Redskins front office about a trade. The Redskins should make this trade. Give up the single No. 5 pick, but only if they get both of the Browns first round picks at 12 and 19. That just might find some decent talent to piece together an offensive line for RG3. If that happens, then RG3 comes back to DFS relevance. Until then? RG3 is on the “do not draft” list.

Listen, I’m not bagging on RG3. I’m bagging on the Redskins front office for throwing out there a mobile quarterback with promise behind an threadbare line. AND then throwing $16.1 million after that! The Redskins are on the record saying they will draft the best player they find at the spots where they draft. So, yeah, make the trade an get two first rounders and beef up the spotty offensive line! #bangheadondesk #rinse #repeat

So here we are folks. On the eve of the 2015 NFL Draft we have the Redskins with money locked up at quarterback and the possibility of getting two first round picks. This years draft has some stout prospects at offensive line.

In fact, even if there was NOTHING at offensive line this year, I would make this trade for the Redskins. Why? I’m not in the habit of paying $16.1 million for a guy that is bound to to be on crutches by the fifth week of next season if the offensive line can’t protect him!

So, I please, Redskins front office: save RG3, make the trade, and draft some big boys this year.

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