Week 10 was quite wild. We had a number of big performances from guys like Christian Kirk ($5,200; 40.8 DKFP), Darius Slayton ($4.200; 37.1 DKFP) and Derrick Henry ($6,400; 36.1 DKFP). We also had some, well, duds. The beauty of the duds is that’s why we’re here! This article will try and help you get over those putrid performances and make sense of the madness that likely occurred in your lineups. So, without further ado, let’s get into it and send your regrets over to @SBuchanan24 on Twitter if you’re feeling froggy.

Drew Brees ($6,700) 11.48 DKFP

If you were curious how Brees did against a downright awful Falcons secondary, all you have to do is open your DK Live app, go to the NFL section, look up the fantasy leaderboard and scroll down. Yup, keep going, he’s a little way down. Ah, there we go!

Brees was in a DREAM matchup against a Falcons secondary that has been completely dismembered as of late. Opposing receivers were averaging 181 receiving yards with two touchdowns. Brees, at home, threw for 287 yards but no touchdowns despite chucking it 45 times. It didn’t help that he was one of the most expensive quarterbacks on the slate either with SO many other options outperforming him. I mean, DANIEL JONES ($5,700) was your top-scoring QB on the slate with 34.32 DKFP, just edging out Lamar Jackson ($7,300; 33.42).

Of the “regrets” on this slate, Brees was one I saw early and often as rightfully so. Let’s look at some of the QBs that outperformed Brees:

Josh Allen ($6,300) – 25.44 DKFP
Sam Darnold ($5,800) – 21.7 DKFP
Ryan Tannehill ($5,100) – 19.94 DKFP
Mitch Trubisky ($5,100) – 19.72 DKFP (ouch, this hurts to see, Drew).
Jeff Driskel ($4,100) – 19.06 DKFP

Just so we’re clear, don’t expect this from the Falcons again. Dan Quinn is the worst.

Cooper Kupp ($7,300) 0 DKFP

I know what you’re thinking. “C’mon Steve, you’ve said numerous times that you don’t like writing up players that were injured during the game. This isn’t fair that you’re picking up Kupp.” Well you see, the funny thing is Kupp wasn’t hurt in this game. He simply didn’t make a single catch. Not one. He was targeted only four times, which isn’t great but, wow, what a complete disaster for the bonified WR1 of this Rams “offense.”

On paper, this should have been a great matchup for Kupp. He was facing CB Mike Hilton in coverage, who was allowing a 71% catch rate to opposing receivers. Not to mention, Kupp was top five in the league in both catches (58) and yards (792). The bad news is that those numbers stayed exactly the same and he’ll head to Week 11 still with 58 catches and 792 yards. This honestly may be one of the WORST outcomes we’ve had all season long because you just don’t ever envision this happening.

I won’t bother listing all the players that outperformed him because it was literally anyone who made a catch. Instead, we’ll look at what players in the similar price range did because you can see how much different your life would have been if you made another decision.

Tyreek Hill ($7,700) – 36 DKFP (whoops!)
Mike Evans ($7,600) – 12.2 DKFP (meh)
Chris Godwin ($7,400) – 13.4 DKFP (meh)
Julio Jones ($7,500) – 10.9 DKFP (meh)
Kenny Golladay ($7,000) 14.7 DKFP (meh)

So, unless you landed on Hill, you didn’t REALLY miss the boat with the high-priced receivers. Still, anything would have been better than the big ol’ fat zero from Kupp, but it could have been a lot worse. Nonetheless, Kupp is off the main slate for the next two weeks, which is enough time to make us forget this even happened.

Saquon Barkley ($8,800) 8.1 DKFP

I chose the above tweet because it’s Barkley giving us a head nod. Essentially he’s like, “Wassup, I just posted one of my worst games of all time and you’re the sucker who paid $8,800 for it.”

This was quite the game for Barkley. In a game where the Giants scored 27 points, you’d think Barkley was a big part of that, right? Nope, it was the complete opposite. Somehow, he carried the ball 13 times for one yard. One. That would be an average of about .076 YPC. Thank God he caught all five of his targets since that essentially gave him all the fantasy points. That one yard wasn’t all that helpful.

To be fair, I don’t think this was the best matchup for him, personally. The Jets’ run defense has quietly been good, having not allowed a team to run for over 100 yards aside from the Cowboys. If you take that game out, the Jets have allowed an average of 69 rushing yards, which probably surprises you. With the three total yards the Giants got on the ground, they’re now down to 60 yards per game.

Barkley was the second most expensive running back on the slate and some of the names that outscored him are not pretty. But, we’re here to get over our misery, so we just have to accept what the leaderboard says. Take a deep breath and let’s do this.

Ronald Jones ($4,300) – 23.6 DKFP
Damien Williams ($4,900) – 14.9 DKFP
Tarik Cohen ($4,200) – 13.7 DKFP
Brian Hill ($3,900) – 14.1 DKFP
J.D. McKissic ($4,300) – 11.5 DKFP

As always, let’s wrap things up with some random thoughts from the Twitter world …

I think we all believed that because of how God awful Trubisky has been, but he starts hitting his receivers and what do you know, they can actually move the ball downfield. David Montgomery was very close to making the list, but the three I profiled were the bigger busts.

I saw this “Krupp” typo multiple times in my mentions. I’m assuming the iPhone doesn’t like “Kupp.” Judging by your tweets, none of you do either.

On DraftKings’ show “The Sweat,” which is on every Sunday from 11:30-1 ET, I had David Johnson as my top fade. Thanks for letting me know you don’t watch the show, Karl. #blocked

My breakdown would be that you didn’t cash.

See you all next week!