NFL players must get so tired of the same questions over and over for an entire season. Not just because they’re lame and probably unanswerable anyway, but also because the stooges asking the questions are the absolute WORST.

These All-Pros were probably so psyched seeing this little girl at the Sunday Night promo shoot…

FINALLY, an easy relaxing interview. Oops jk byeeeee!





















Odell- Still the coolest G in NYC




Really hoping this girl brings her moxy and her notebook to every NFL press conference this season. Just making Pro Bowlers and Super Bowl Champions speechless every damn day. Plus can you imagine when NBA season tips off and she combines with Riley Curry to form the most incredible postgame tandem Vine has ever seen?!?

Nothing could ever match that entertainment level but gotta say this video of Chip Kelly mic’d up is mighty close. Considering Chip is the legit Count of Monte Cristo Mystery Man of the NFL, seeing this much personality from him is pretty crazy. Even more crazy is how much he loves talking about uniform specifications. Truly must’ve been the only reason he stayed at Oregon for so long…