Hey, there’s gotta be something done about your kids.

No, they don’t turn into assholes or something, but really there is something we missed. Well, you missed. This is why we have to do it all over again.

Yes, my friends, we have to go back. Back to the future!


Feeling it. And the interpretational choreography only brings it home. Thank you, Arron Rodgers and Oliva Munn. You have brought us all closer, stronger, better as a people.

And now for the facemelting strike of the week.

That was Sheffield Wednesday forward Marco Matias. Yes, that is really the club’s name. And they are a part of the Championship league in England. That’s kinda like the minor leagues in baseball, but in England they promote the best out of the Championship league into the Premier League. Stop thinking about it, accept it, and marvel at Marco.

One more sick pass, came from DC United in international cup play down in Panama. Where the bananas come from.

Baseball. Where failure and folly are unique.

Colorado Rockies Outfielder Carlos Gonzalez just smacked his bat up. BA-DUM-DUM.

Straight outta the ballpark. And Ms. Texas was in the house and hitting on Number One Pro-Golfer Jordan Speith at a Texas Rangers game earlier this week. All she needs is a hype-man and a guest spot on the next Wu-Tang album and I’d call it baller. Keep it classy, Ms. Tex.

The Padres may be in the basement of the NL West, but at least they show glimmers of hope like the Vine above. Sadly that’s about it these days.

Spider Juan! Spider Juan! Doin’ all the things a Spider Juan can! That’s almost a two-step wall climb for SF Giants Outfielder Juan Perez. Yep, that deserves a slow clap.

Now for when batting goes wrong.

Texas Rangers First baseman Mike Napoli received a lesson in physics and geometry this past week. The lesson likely resulted in a leg bruise followed by a love tap to the brim of his batting helmet. Lucky, boy.

Cincy Reds John Lamb wasn’t so lucky as he practiced bunting…

Now for the Clayton Kershaw rollercoaster.

First the lows…

Now elation and magnificence…

But baseball can be a frustrating sport.

Note how resilient the batting helmets really are. Kudos modern plastics.

Too bad Angels Outfielder Mike Trout left his athletic cup in the clubhouse.

Football. It’s not yet the real season for football but I’ve got a couple of clips that you might not have seen.

Yeah, that’s the Stephen Curry warm-up dribble being done by a Texas football recruit…WITH A FOOTBALL.

We are nearing Fantasy Draft time, folks. I’m just going to put this out there. Never doubt the GRONK.

Till next time, I’ve got a feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night…