The best thing about sports is; no matter who’s involved or what’s happening, there’s always a chance to be suddenly entertained. That is very much the case with two clips that very well may be the best videos you see all week.

First up is the 2015 Yonex U.S. Open Championship where a badminton match of the ages was in full bad boy swing. Anyone that had Denmark’s Hans-Kristian Vittinghus or Malaysia’s Lee Chong Wei in their DFS lineups definitely scored some major points. Speaking of points, THAT DAMN HANS IS SO HOT RIGHT NOW.



Eat your heart out Roger Federer! Hashtag ATHLETE


bad1 bad2


Unfortunately Hans lost the U.S. Open in two sets so his fanfare was extremely short lived. However our other bro AJ Nelson wasn’t going anywhere but up/sideways. Not only did he lead the Chicago Wildfire in goals scored last season but he also just did this…












KILLA hairflip mah dude




THAT is how you bookend a disc right in their grillpiece! And this is how you make badminton actually exciting..