capitals fire

NASCAR’s Xfinity series traveled to Watkins Glen this weekend, and after the race: tempers flared between Regan Smith and Ty Dillon after Ty got into the rear of Regan’s car, ultimately causing him to spin out and finish in 20th place.

Coming into the race, Regan was only 39 points short of the Xfinity series lead — and Ty catapulted to a 5th place finish after the incident, so, it’s pretty damn obvious why Regan was so upset. Following the tiff, there were some pretty legit threats and choice words said between the two drivers:

“I guarantee you, I may have lost the championship today, but he sure as hell did, too,” Smith said of Dillon. “There is zero chance that 3 car wins this championship, and I’m going to make sure of it.”

“He didn’t say much,” Dillon said after cooler heads prevailed. “He said he’s going to wreck me, but we’ll see. I hate that for his guys. It was a mistake and my fault. Honestly, I was going to talk to him about it, but I guess he didn’t want to talk. If he wants to do that, we’ll handle it in the bus lot. I’m not afraid.”

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