Manny Pacquiao is preparing for the biggest fight of his career. He’s lifting more, getting in better cardio shape, and working on his music career. That’s right. Manny Pacquiao released the music video to his newest song “Lalaban Ako Para Sa Filipino” today. In the midst of his gruesome fight training, he managed to work in the time to bless us all with the song of the summer. Name another athlete who finds the time to record a (future) Platinum song and release the video while readying for the biggest game/fight of his life… You can’t.

Tell me Mayweather isn’t nervous after seeing this. Everyone knows Manny Pacquiao is fighting for the Philippines, and with a composition as beautiful as this, is there any way he doesn’t win? Mayweather is 100% shaking (I say “is shaking” because I know for a fact he’s scared). Whether it’s giving us the raw cuts of him recording the track with his crew behind him, the Philippines in absolute shambles, people randomly raising their hands, or 10-year-old knock out videos, there is not a more powerful video out there.

Hey, Floyd – what’s your training regimen look like? I know for a fact it isn’t punches, crunches, and fastballs.

Who need the “Money Team,” when you have this crew backing you while recording super hot vocals?

PS – Dude on the left in the blue shirt is INTO IT. Can’t act that kind of emotion.


Dear Floyd Mayweather. Good luck sleeping.


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