We want to provide a brief update to the DraftKings NASCAR player community on the official passing statistics used in NASCAR contests on DraftKings.

Over the last 5 days, we have been working with our statistics provider, the official NASCAR stats, to dig into some official pass statistics questions posed by some players after the New Hampshire race last week. We have been working hard on getting complete answers to all questions, and are close to reaching a resolution. We expect to complete the effort by early next week.

We want to assure everyone that in the event there were any issues with the passing statistics in that race or any race, DraftKings will make right with players in the event that anyone was impacted negatively. If there was any statistical anomaly in the official passing statistics you can trust that we will recognize it, be fully transparent, and provide fair resolution paths. As soon as we have reached a complete resolution, we will provide a full and detailed update to everyone.

In the meantime, games will continue as normal in NASCAR this Sunday under that same premise.


DraftKings Product Team