Ah honey take a picture quick oh man this escalates quickly huh AH OH NO I’M DEAD!


Casual weekends in Australia look fun huh. Now he’s chillin in a bed somewhere getting free food and cable while we all grind away an endless week of hell. Uh give me the shattered vertebrae over Monday morning existence anyday of the week and especially on Monday. I know Phil Lamattina agrees..


“The Lamattina family would like to advise that Phil is currently in hospital after suffering a shattered vertebrae in today’s racing incident. Surgeons have advised that a full recovery is expected and the team will keep everyone up to date with his progress over the coming days. The family thanks all for the well wishes and support.”


Also maybe look into a new profession mate! One where your office can’t fly/explode/crunch you in half like a twix bar. Just a thought. Probably the only useful thought I’ll be able to muster today. Dont waste it Phil…CARS DON’T FLY (unless)