It absolutely SUCKS that this kid is already a million times better than me at basketball. Like completely. Already has a textbook stepback jumper, quick hands like his lil Grandpoppy, and of course the insane handles everyone would expect from a Bogues boy.

Now all I need is the rest of the Space Jam cast to trot out their baller grandsons and make some movie magic. Maybe that’ll help me cope with my flaws. Regardless, if they’re gonna force Space Jam 2 down our throats at least that’ll make it slightly more enjoyable. Plus I really want to see just how gangly and pale Lil Shawn Bradley is. Of course Lebron will probably cast Lebron Jr in the biggest role…

Unless Fatman Bogues can start rocking some throwback celebrations on the court too



More than anything though this just made me really miss Muggsy/90’s NBA players. It was a different game (A BETTER GAME) and probably produced the biggest group of memorable players we’ll ever see. Gonna be pretty darn hard to find another 5’3” dude that could challenge John Stockton for the Assists Title ya know?

Can’t WAIT for Fatman to tear it up in 2025 doe!!!