Westbrook named cover athlete for NBA 2k16


Crazy impressive season for Russell Westbrook and he’s starting to capitalize off it. Guess when you nearly average a triple double with a roster full of scrubs, people take notice. Love Westbrook’s energy and endless assassin mentality but his eurostep needs a bit of work. Thankfully Dougie McBuckets is here to save the day!



McDermott breaking ankles on the streets of Chicago

The euro step is back in these Chicago streets @dougmcd03…League take notice 😎

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He may not have put up the numbers Westbrook did but pretty sure Russell never juked two girls out of their shoes either. What grace for a big man! Could be a very exciting season for the Chicago Bulls. Having Doug physically step inside the 3 point line would be a great start though. Can’t always be shooting from the sidewalk bro! There’s this thing called “the paint” learn about it youngblood.



Carmelo Will Oversee a “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” product line

carmaelo Carmelo-Anthony


(HollywoodReporter) – The New York Knicks star and self-professed Turtles super-fan will serve as creative director of Turtles by Melo, a consumer products line inspired by the Nickelodeon franchise. It is expected to span lifestyle products, home furnishings, publishing, video games and more. Turtles by Melo is set to debut in the spring 2016, ahead of the summer theatrical release of Viacom-owned Paramount Pictures’ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, in which Anthony has a cameo. “I am so excited about the opportunity to work with the Nickelodeon team on this new Turtles ‎venture,” said Anthony. “The Turtles were a big part of my childhood. I have been connecting with the brand for a long time,”


Rough season for Melo. Definitely a savvy business deal but not exactly a headline that screams “Yea I’m a top 5 player that only cares about winning.” Don’t get me wrong I love the Toitles more than life itself it’s just kind of a bizarre partnership. Hopefully at the very least he makes some dope ninja pizza sneakers. I’ll be the first in line and immediately start a riot for my new Melo Kowabungas.





PS: One for sure way to NOT spend the offseason is memorizing the name/height/weight/position/college of every player in the NBA. Why, just why? The internet is truly a disturbing place sometimes.