The NBA season is lengthy and ever-changing. Our weekly position rankings will give you the top-3 players at each position over the course of the season. There’s sure to be some staples throughout the season, as well as some much welcomed surprises. Without further adieu …


Point Guards

Stephen Curry — If you get three quarters of Steph, he’s still likely to hit value. When the Warriors do wind up in a close one, the fourth quarter is just bonus points. Games like his triple-double with eight 3 pointers vs Indiana have become common.

Chris Paul — The Blake Griffin news doesn’t help a lot of things in many ways for LAC. One thing it does help is Paul’s fantasy value. He’s been a beast with Blake sidelined, and now we get 4-6 more weeks of that. CP3 is being asked to score a lot more while his assist numbers haven’t dipped.

Russell Westbrook — Russ is dominating for the seemingly underrated Thunder. He just posted his sixth triple-double of the season after back-to-back games of being two rebounds away. Unlike the other nightly trip-dub threats (Green/Rondo), Westbrook is an elite scorer.

Value Play: Marcus Smart — Everyone automatically thinks Isaiah Thomas when they think Celtics’ PG. IT may be an All-Star, but Smart is doing it all right now. When he knocks down 3’s, which has been happening a lot more recently, he puts together big games. 

Shooting Guards

James Harden — The Beard is en fuego right now. He’s has a string of hot games and is coming off a 40/7/11 game with four steals against the Wizards. Harden can be streaky, so he’s good to ride while he’s hot.

Jimmy Butler — Butler is a do-it-all player that has the ability to go off in any category on any given night. He dropped 53 on the Sixers, but also went for 28 with 14 boards against the Celts and 26 with 10 dimes vs. the Lakers.

Khris Middleton — Take away a brutal performance in his last game against the Heat and Middleton has been hitting value regularly. He typically scores in the low-mid 20’s and will also contribute on the glass, has playmaker abilities and plays solid D.

Value Play: Monta Ellis — This dude has been scorching over his last two games. Ellis has combine for 57 points, 14 rebounds, 12 assists, eight steals and knocked down nine deep balls during the two-game hot streak.

Small Forwards

Kevin Durant — As I mentioned, the Thunder are very good right now and getting no respect. KD is playing out of his mind to lead OKC. He’s scoring at an elite rate while rebounding the ball at his best.

LeBron James — LeBron is as dangerous as ever in the Cavs’ new fast paced system. There’s nobody more scary in the open floor than James, and we’re going to be seeing a lot more of that. LeBron’s numbers should thrive.

Chandler Parsons — Parsons had been having a really disappointing season until recently. He’s completely changed ways and has been a new player over the last couple of weeks. Parsons is finally playing big minutes and scoring the ball like he’s always been capable of.

Value Play: Trevor Ariza — Ariza has had a few monster games since the Rockets started using their small-ball starting lineup. Until this lineup loses its shine, Ariza is a mighty attractive play at SF.

Power Forwards

DeMarcus Cousins — Ok so he’s slowed down a little recently, but eventually he had to come back to the real world. Cousins has been scorching overall, though. He has the ability to drop 50 any night and always crashes the boards.

Draymond Green — Draymond recorded his ninth triple-double of the season on Sunday. He does so many things at an elite level that’s it’s nearly impossible to keep Green down in any game. He’s going to do enough one way or another to contribute.

Kevin Love — We know LeBron loves the new offense in Cleveland, but Love has been fitting in seamlessly. Over his last three games he’s knocked down 11 triples. Love’s going to have no problem getting his shot off in this scheme.

Value Play: Ryan Anderson — When Anthony Davis sits, Anderson is a must play. But when AD is in the lineup, many see no reason to roll with this guy. Most times, though, Davis doesn’t scare Anderson off from having big games at all. He’s worth considering in any matchup.


Karl-Anthony Towns — KAT is ballin’ on another level right now. The rookie has found his stride, scoring the ball from inside and out while stuffing the rest of the stat sheet.

Pau Gasol — Pau is just so consistent. The Bulls rotation of bigs is diminished, so Gasol is being asked to do more. He is an automatic double-double, but is also a very talented passer and shot blocker.

Marc Gasol/Brook Lopez — Both names have scarcely been in the rankings this season, but are starting to come around. They put up some ugly lines here and there, but they’ve both become more trustworthy in my mind. Lopez is scoring the ball really well for the Nets, while Gasol is really protecting the rim well in Memphis.

Value Play: Mason Plumlee — Towns could be the top center and the value play here, but let’s get Plumlee in the mix. He’s been very consistent for a Portland team that’s heating up out west. Unfortunately he never plays over 30 minutes, or his value could be even better.

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