The NBA season is lengthy and ever-changing. Our weekly position rankings will give you the top-3 players at each position over the course of the season. There’s sure to be some staples throughout the season, as well as some much welcomed surprises. Without further adieu …


Point Guards

Stephen Curry — The only update here is that the Warriors finally lost a game. Even on off nights, Curry is better than anyone else in the league. With 127 3-pointers made already this season, it’s going to be ridiculous to see how many he ends up with.

Russell Westbrook — Even with KD back in full swing, Westbrook is still an elite player every game. His ceiling is at its highest any time Durant is sidelined, but Russ is a triple-double threat at all times nonetheless. There’s nothing he can’t do — which unfortunately includes turnovers.

John Wall — After a down period, Wall has bounced back strong. Ignoring his dud Monday in Memphis (maybe it had something to do with a late Saturday night out in Dallas), Wall has been a machine lately. He’s scoring the ball, his assist numbers are up, and he’s even rebounding well for himself. This is finally the John Wall we were all hoping for this season.

Shooting Guards

James Harden — Harden is just as locked into this position as Curry is at PG. Nobody is touching him when it comes to production at SG. The Rockets are slowly trying to piece their season back together, and pretty much all of that rests on Harden putting up 50+ DK points every night.

Eric Bledsoe — Bledsoe has been as well rounded as anyone of late. The undersized two-guard is scoring the ball per usual, but over the last couple weeks is averaging nearly five boards, seven assists and 2.6 steals. Top that all off with a four-block game for Bledsoe last week an there really is nothing he isn’t doing right now from a fantasy perspective.

Klay Thompson — Look who’s finally back. Thompson was thought of as a top-3 SG preseason, but never lived up to is despite the Warriors demolishing everyone in their path. With Harrison Barnes out, Thompson started coming alive in December — highlighted by a 39/7/6 line in Indy that included 10 triples. He rolled and ankle in that game that caused him to miss a double-OT thriller in Boston, but he should bounce back strong this week.

Small Forwards

Kevin Durant — KD is really starting to find that consistency that we haven’t seen from him since 2013-14. We know all about the scoring, but Durant is rebounding the ball well this year (7.9 per game) and getting even better of late. His assist numbers are strong too (4.2 per game), which even led to a rare triple-double for KD last week vs. Atlanta.

LeBron James —  LeBron’s decrease in minutes we were expecting to see never really happened. Unless it’s a blowout situation, LBJ is going to play 35-40 minutes. Heading into Tuesdays showdown in Boston, James is averaging 55.8 DK points over his last three games. That’s the elite guy we’re used to.

Paul George — He had to cool down at some point. PG13 is still an awesome fantasy option, but he’s way underperformed in his last couple games after posting 61+ DK points in three of four games (including a 71 point monster). It’s nice to know he’s back to having that elite fantasy ceiling, though.

Power Forwards

Anthony Davis — It’s frustrating because he has the potential to be so much better, but Davis is easily the top PF option in the league. Unfortunately his ceiling is probably lower than or equal to all the PG and SF options on this list (and Harden), which was something not many people expected this season. The nagging injuries that he seems to have stack up are also concerning.

Draymond Green — I was covering that incredible Celtics/Warriors game in Boston last week. When I looked down after the game, I noticed Draymond’s stat line: 24 points, 11 rebounds, eight assists, five blocks and five steals in 50 minutes. Name the last guy to do that? Yeah, you can’t.

Blake Griffin — Griffin is finally back in a groove. Blake’s pretty much good for 40-50 DK points every game. When it comes to PF, though, there’s not much left. Big names like DeMarcus Cousins, for example, should arguably be atop the list, but this season, players like Dirk have offered equal value for far less price.


Pau Gasol — Pau has continued to be tremendous, even while playing limited minutes, thanks to his versatility. It’s remarkable that Gasol can be so effective when he plays as little as 25 minutes some nights. However, he’s nearly an automatic double-double, and will also rack up some assists and find a way to block shots.

Andre Drummond — Drummond’s averages are slowly creeping back to reality, but he still is an elite option at center. We knew he wasn’t going to average 20/20 on the season, but he made us believe it for a while. More realistically, Andre is a walking double-double that is typically good for over 15/15, and will get you blocks and steals as the defensive anchor he is.

DeAndre Jordan — Marc Gasol is climbing into the conversation with his recent production in the Grizz’s small-ball unit, but he’s still much too inconsistent. Jordan actually has been rather steady, which earns him the edge. He’s going to rebound and block shots every single game, and you can count on that. Honestly, what sets apart his good games are when he’s able to score. Who has a two-point game and a 20-point game in the same week? DeAndre Jordan, that’s who.

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