Every Wednesday on the Playbook we like to get serious and tackle the real issues. In today’s Would You Rather we have Mental Pretzels VS. Physical Pain. Hecklers gonna heckle!


Warriors Fan Gives It To Bike Riding Dwight




Soccer player takes a flying cheap shot during postgame interview


WELL THAT WAS ABRUPT. Couple things to consider here. Not only is Dwight aka Superman watching his team get spanked, it’s happening while he’s injured riding a stationary bike. Remember a few years ago when it was universally accepted Dwight was the best center in the NBA and worthy of a maximum contract?  LOLOLOL. Back in present day Earth he’s a soft feeble 7 footer with barely an ounce of passion in him. No one ever said playing in Oracle Arena was easy but as far as I know it’s extremely difficult to score in any arena whilst riding a bike. That heckler emasculated Dwight to his core, which is likely full of fake smiles and the cartilage dust of his knees.

THATS why I’m picking the futbol headshot baby. It’s the least violent thing to ever happen in Venezuela and I’ve always wondered what sweet ol chin music feels like. Plus nothing can hurt that bad when you’ve got a baller head of lettuce like that.