Kevin Martin.

The “K-Man.”

The “Minnesota Martian.”

K-Mart? No offense Kenyon Martin, but I had to steal your nickname, because you weren’t using it anymore.

If you didn’t know Kevin Martin’s name before, you know it now because he effectively shot the lights out last Tuesday night. He racked up 58 points on DraftKings last night. He crushed the box score with 5 rebounds, 1 steal, 1 turnover, 37 points, 8 assists, and 3 three-pointers made. According to my data sources, 32.5% of leagues had Martin drafted last night. If you did, then I’m preaching to the choir, but if you didn’t, then you got to get back to basics and crunch some numbers.


First off, when I see stats and points like these lighting up the leagues on any given night, I always wonder, “Where did this guy come from?”

Kevin Martin is a 6 foot, 7 inch tall shooting guard for the Minnesota T-Wolves. Drafted 26th overall in the 2004 NBA Draft out of Western Carolina University by the Sacramento Kings. Martin has bounced around the league, but he has been with the T-Wolves since 2013. As an 11-year veteran, you’d think he wouldn’t have had a night like he did last night. This is why I never doubt a veteran.

If you’re a fan of five game projections, then you probably had him in your sights. If you didn’t pull the trigger on his $6000 salary last night, then you kissed goodbye 58 points from a player that is the epitome of a deep pick. Who would have thought an 11-year vet who has bounced around the league would have been a 20+ point better pick than Russell Westbrook!?

Okay, a $6K salary isn’t exactly a #deepdfspick, but it is a considerable investment when the salary cap game is played. And, frankly, it is peanuts compared to the $11.8K you paid for Westbrook last night.

Granted, Westbrook was going against the Spurs. That would be the team currently wrecking shop in the formidable NBA Western Conference. And, in hindsight, I should have faded him. Frankly, WE ALL SHOULD HAVE FADED HIM. The Spurs have been “Beyond Thunder-Dome Dominant” over the past few games. I should have seen that coming. I blame it on the “Popovich,” that guy is a wizard or something.

Arguably, Martin was bound for a breakout night. He was going up against the Sacramento Kings. Their shoddy defense aside, they drafted and traded him after six years in their organization. Those are the formative years of a professional basketball player. Those are years that help an athlete set the tempo of a career. Also, it may be good to consider any correlation between a player playing against a team that may have traded him off. Sometimes an athlete puts out a little more effort than normal on those nights. For instance, a quick read of his wiki-page gives some insight to the scoring ability Kevin Martin has flirted with throughout his career. And last night, Martin displayed exactly the spark that makes the daily fantasy game a true skill-based sport.

Last night we witnessed the conflagration of a player peaking at the right time against a suffering defense. You should write all that down in your pretty pink little notebook, with your pretty pink little pen. It should read something like this.

“Dear DFS Diary, Kevin Martin just blew the doors off the DAMN barn.”

This is what makes the daily fantasy game great. Picking those gems out of the blue. The unexpected catalyst. Not every night are you going to get all the brightest, but some night Kevin Martin graces your projections, and you let the numbers tell you where to go.

And in the Daily Fantasy World it’s a beautiful thing when it hits on all cylinders.

Till next time, never doubt the numbers and follow me @Deepdfspicks.