Seemingly overnight Kristaps Porzingis has gone from Draft Day BUST to the savior of an entire city/fanbase. Who knew slamming a handful of put-back dunks was all it took to achieve immortality huh? The craziest part about Porzingis PORZINGOD is how hecking aware he is though.

He knew NYC would boo the weird foreign dude on Draft Night and he knew cornrows were the truth thanks to his former role model/current teammate Carmelo Anthony. Oh and his #1 goal every night is to dunk on whoever is talking trash. He’s checked that off the list a few times this season…



And now he’s learning how to dish out the smack too. Not sure I’ve ever seen a European player transition to the gameplay and the culture of the NBA so quickly. And I LOVE that Godzingis doesn’t want to be a mediocre typical trash talker either.

He wants to learn the nitty gritty stuff… the stuff that hurts deep down in a place you never talk about at parties. Kristaps getting so personal right now, Kristaps.