Maybe Steph Curry is in charge of writing the media advisories for the Warriors, because whoever wrote this may have taken a hit to the head during Golden State’s 128-115 loss in Houston.

Oops …

Game 5 will be played on Wednesday night. You know, because the Rockets won to avoid being swept.

Rockets fans were actually so pumped up that they won Game 4, they decided to have a slumber party with Dwight Howard at the Toyota Center.

On the activities list was Tic Tac Toe, which wasn’t quite as exciting as the game we saw earlier on the same floor.  
In all seriousness, though, best wishes to those in Houston. It sounds like they withstood a pretty serious storm.

However, Jeff Van Gundy (who lives in Houston) was in great spirits despite the weather. That’s just my transition to find a way to work this in because everything anybody named Van Gundy associated with the NBA does is funny.

We’ll see if the Rockets can use the Warriors’ cocky media release as some fuel to come out and drop another 45-first quarter points in Game 5.

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