The Warriors now have a 3-0 lead over the Pelicans. That’s not the surprise, though. The surprise is how Steph Curry and Co. stole Game 3 from New Orleans in dramatic fashion.

Those who feel the Warriors can’t win it all got a glimpse of just how dangerous they can be when things go their way. Down 20 in the fourth, GSW battled back to get within three points in the final seconds. Then this happened and Twitter exploded.

Stephen Curry is ridiculous. These are just the types of shots we’re going to have to become accustomed to him knocking down, and the type of comebacks we’re going to see him lead because of how deadly he and Klay Thompson can be. They beat the Pelicans 39-19 in the fourth quarter alone and then scored another 15 in OT.

The Warriors obviously went on to win, 123-119, in OT behind 40 points, nine dimes and five boards from Curry. The Splash Brother combined to attempt an absurd 30 3-pointers in this game, connecting on 13, including the biggest ones when they needed them most. If you didn’t do the math above, the Warriors entered the fourth quarter with 69 points and wound up putting 123 points on the scoreboard.

Here’s more about just how amazing the Warriors were from ESPN Stats & Info:



There’s not much else to say about it. The Pelicans were fantastic for three quarters, but one quarter plus OT from the Warriors at their best was enough to erase it. Anthony Davis put up a line of 29 points, 15 rebounds, three assists, three rejections and a pair of steals, but is steal learning how to take control in a playoff game like Curry did in this one.

The Pelicans are finished at this point. That was their game to steal and they let it all fall apart. The Warriors will wrap things up on Saturday night after the Pelicans come out still demoralized from Game 3. Here’s the full highlights from New Orleans’ dominance to GSW’s comeback.


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