Sports really are great. Talk about reality TV – sometimes it feels like sports is the only thing I ever watch on TV when I don’t already know the end five minutes after starting. And there is always something good – football ends, you weep a little inside, and before you know it there’s the NBA playoff race, this pretty fun college basketball tournament going on next month, and a golf tournament in Georgia you may have heard of. #DailyFantasyEverything

Featured Tournaments

What: Fantasy Basketball $2 Million World Championship

When: Sunday, March 22nd, 2015

*$2,000,000 in guaranteed prizes

*A $1 MILLION Top Prize!

*Only 40 Entrants!

And you thought it was only football. No, we are, in fact, still making millionaires. This time, you have to win your way in if you want a shot. But look at it this way – needing to qualify might mean you’ll be facing the best of the best and, I don’t know about you, but 1 in 40 is the best odds is better than I’m used to in terms of getting my hands on a quick million. There are QUALIFIERS running regularly, including Wednesday night, where you can win direct entry into the main event, and satellites running nightly. Good luck!

What: CBB $100,000 March Mania Bracket Challenge

When: March 19th – 27th

*$100,000 in guaranteed prizes!

*$20,000 to whoever cuts down the nets!

*Only 64 qualifiers can enter!

Enter the next qualifier TONIGHT! And if, not, don’t worry, satellites for as little as $2 are running every day between now and the big dance. And you know you want in on this: a 64-team bracket, with a series of head-to-head contests to crown a champ? With cash prizes every time you advance? Yes, please.

What: Fantasy Hockey $200,000 World Championship

When: Saturday, March 21st, 2015

*$200,000 in guaranteed prizes

*$100,000 to the victor!

*Only 25 qualifiers will compete!

Get in on it, just because the ability to win $100,000 at a go is always fun. This is probably the most money you have ever been able to get your hands on based on nothing but your knowledge of the NHL. It was bound to pay off someday, though, right? Enter the next satellite now, and you’ll know whether you advance by later tonight.

What: PGA $300K Miami Classic

When: Thursday, February 26th, 6:00 am EST

*$300,000 in guaranteed money

*$100,000 to the champ

*1,111 will compete

The PGA offers up a chance at some of the most captivating fantasy action of the summer. The first of the four majors is only a few weeks away, you have got a chance at a 100 grand top prize right now, and if the $300 entry fee is too rich on this one, there is always the $100K Fairway or the $40K Chip Shot, giving you plenty of chances for big prizes, on much shorter money.

What: DraftKings and Poker

When: All Spring and Summer Long

Wait, you like daily fantasy sports, and you like poker? Well, last season, DraftKings sent 12 players on all-expense paid VIP trips to World Poker Tour Tournaments. Sound interesting? This year, that number will be over 40, culminating with one lucky player’s trip to compete in the World Series of Poker 2015 Main Event, in Las Vegas. Curious yet? Well, long before the WSOP Main Event, there is money on the tables at other poker tourneys, all over the country, all the time. So get in on the action – start by trying to win your way into a seat at the WPT event in Los Angeles, in just a few short weeks. With satellites and qualifiers running constantly, you could win the $10,000 buy-in you need to compete, and the luxurious accommodations you’ll need to be at the top of your game (and you’ll win DFS and poker bragging rights simultaneously – what could be better?)

What: $250,000 Fantasy Basketball Thunderdome

When: Friday, March 6th

*$100,000 to the winner

*Top 9 finishers go home with at least $10,000!

It is $5,300 to buy your way into this one directly, so you need to start entering satellites now. Because one win gives you a shot at two wins, and so on until you are in. the. contest. And once you are in, you’re looking at the best chance at getting rich you’ve ever seen in your life.

But if you’re on our site, and looking for some action, it doesn’t matter if one of our big promotional tournaments is going on – every single day, there is plenty of daily sports for everyone, whether you love to watch the hoops or hockey, soccer or golf, or even MMA. #DailyFantasyEverything

And don’t forget to check out our “Create a Contest” feature where you can determine the entry fee, the number of contestants, and the sport. Make a contest public, or limit it to only your closest buddies and play for bragging rights or just direct challenge your archrival – the point is, it’s up to you!

Good luck!