Steph Curry may have grown up with a NBA pedigree and a silky stroke since Day 1, but make no mistake about it his journey to basketball greatness has been an uphill one. At times that hill was completely vertical and full of doubt/mashed up ankles…somehow though Steph kept working, kept shooting, and now he’s the toast of the Association.

He’d probably tell you all that work was worth it now that he’s a NBA Champion and NBA MVP. But even greater than all those accomplishments?








THAT my friends, is what fame and fortune are all about. Not just getting a bobblehead of yourself, but getting one yourself in a sport you don’t even play. That’s power money just can’t buy.

But don’t look now cause D’Angelo Russell is trying his best to grab some of that West Coast shine too…



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And would you believe it? Dwayne Wade was on the Best Coast too, chilling at Stance Headquarters (NBA’s new official sock makers) and flashing dodgeballs around like they were going out of style..    





Cali Cali is super fun and everything but I’m ready to trade in the bobbleheads, baseballs n’ dodgeballs for giant men slamming small round balls like ASAP.

If I can score one of those Shark Curry’s I wouldn’t be that upset though…