Wait … the worst team in the NBA actually won the lottery? Tanking works!

The process held true to the odds for the most part (except for a couple of historic franchises flip-flopping spots), here were the highlights:

The Timberwolves won!

With the worst record in the league, and a 25% chance at the No. 1 pick, the Wolves did something we haven’t seen in 11 years … prevail as the favorites (and something we’ve never seen in team history).

If the Wolves keep the pick and use it, they will have the last THREE No.1 overall picks on their roster (Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett). That’s amazing.

The Lakers might be even bigger winners…

They didn’t win it all, but the No. 2 pick is a huge victory for the Lakers. Assuming the draft goes how we think it will, it gives them their choice of whichever big man is leftover between Karl-Anthony Towns and Jahlil Okafor. Remember that they also have Julius Randle (last year’s No. 7 pick) who will essentially be a rookie next season too. Good thing Kobe’s so patient!

The last time the Lakers had the second pick things went pretty well for them.

Of course, it only took moments for everyone to realize … hmmm, maybe some kids wouldn’t mind not being the first pick and going to Minnesota if they can go one pick later to Los Angeles.  

It’s a player’s league, man.

The Sixers landed right where they were suppose to, which might be perfect. 

It obviously never hurts to win the lottery, but things look like they could workout just fine for Philly. With Nerlens Noel and Joel Embiid (set to debut next season) already on the roster (and Dario Saric stashed overseas), a big man isn’t too high on the 76er’s list.

After trading Michael Carter-Williams, a PG is … and they’re on track to get a much better one than MCW. Assuming Towns and Okafor are the top-2 as expected, DeAngelo Russell should be the No. 3 pick, and he’s the best player in this draft.

This might actually be working, 76ers fans!

Andddd, of course, the Knicks get SCREWED!

The Knicks were never going to land right where they were suppose to (No. 2 overall) in this draft. That’s too easy, they were bound to make a headline. Which means they were either going to win the top pick, or get bounced out of the top-3 all together. It was the latter.

If you think the Timberwolves showed us that tanking actually works, then the Knicks showed you exactly why it doesn’t. Sorry, Knicks fans. After that BRUTAL season, you have the No. 4 pick to show for it.

They can still get a good player with Justice Winslow or Emmanuel Mudiay (who is totally unproven but said to have D-Rose potential) expected to be available. They could draft one of the foreign players who are starting gather some hype (such a Knicks move). Or, in even more of a Knicks move, they could trade the pick — something that’s already on the board.  


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