Armando Marsal

Fantasy Writer


With an eight game slate on Monday, I decided to take another stab at a steps tournament. This time around I came up short once again. There were several studs to choose from, but I went with the popular one who was owned by 50 percent of the field. To be honest, I thought he would be owned a higher percentage. I’ll go ahead and break down my lineup and my thought process while putting this roster together.

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Last Night’s Lineup

PG- Brandon Knight – He played against Golden State in a game that I expected to be fast paced and high scoring. It didn’t turn out that way as the Warriors beat the Suns 98-80. Either way, Knight got hurt and only played 13 minutes. He ended up scoring 17.25 points in those 13 minutes, so a solid evening  was in the making.

SG- J.J. Redick – Reddick had topped 24 fantasy points in five consecutive games heading into this game. It was a favorable matchup against the Timberwolves as they allow the second most fantasy points per game to opposing shooting guards (46.2). At $5,100 I didn’t think it would take anything out of the norm for Reddick to at least hit value. His floor in this game was high enough for me to plug him in.

SF- PJ. Tucker – Much like Brandon Knight, game tempo and price had a lot to do with my drafting Tucker. He had also been playing well heading into this game. He had scored 22+ fantasy points in four straight games and had topped 30 fantasy points in four of eight games. This was a big miss for me as he completely flaked and scored less than 16 fantasy points.

PF- Anthony Davis – I obviously built my team around Davis. He was the best player in the eight game slate and was on a three game heater where he scored 47.5, 57.5, and 81.25 fantasy points. The matchup was also one I felt he can expose. Bottom line, Davis is a beast and rarely disappoints his owners.

C- Al Horford – I wanted to take a center I thought wouldn’t be highly owned and provided a high floor along with a good ceiling. Horford was just that for me. He was $7,600 and had topped 40 points in two of four games heading into this one, and hadn’t scored fewer than 33. This game also had a real high over/under so I was expecting a relative high scoring game. It ended up being one, but he didn’t pan out quite the way I expected him to, as he scored just 31.5 points.

G- Ben McLemore – I needed to cut salary somewhere and based on McLemore’s recent games, I felt he was playing well enough to at least hit value. His salary was $4,000 and he had 20+ points in six of seven games heading into this one. As I mentioned earlier when talking about Horford, this game had a high over/under so there was a chance McLemore took some extra shots. He actually hit his floor of 17.75 and didn’t play to my expectations.

F – Draymond Green – Heading into this game, Green had scored more than 40 fantasy points in six of seven games. He was playing against the Suns and I mentioned before I was expecting a fast paced game which would be in Green’s favor. He didn’t quite get to the 40 points I counting on, scoring 32.5 fantasy points.

UTIL – Zaza Pachulia – Hindsight is 20/20 is what I tell myself after analyzing my selections post game. He was getting the start against New Orleans, but logged just 19 minutes and scored 12.25 points. Prior to this game, he had played 25 minutes in each of his last two games and topped 21 fantasy points. At his $3,700 salary that type of production is exactly what I was hoping for. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the outcome.


What I Learned

My initial strategy of building around one player remained the same. I selected my elite player in Anthony Davis and put other pieces around him. After looking at my lineup and breaking it down, I’m disappointed at how I built my team. While I had valid reasons and some of the numbers suggested I was making the right choice at the time, I took too many chances in some of these players. I’ve preached consistency and balance, but this team is far from that. Knight, Tucker, Pachulia, and McLemore are not what you would consider consistent players. I won’t be too harsh on myself about Knight, as he suffered an injury and was on pace for a big game. However, he isn’t consistent enough to include in this type of lineup. Much like last week I settled for too much mediocrity and took too many chances. In my next attempt I will emphasize on a balanced lineup as I created in my first two attempts. I’ve been focusing too much about differentiating myself from the other teams that I’ve lost focus on sticking to my strategy. In my next attempt, my focus will be on creating a balanced, low variance team with consistent and high floor players as I did in my first two attempts.

Results: I got ninth place.

Days Played: 4 Days

Money Spent: $4 in Entries

Current Step: Step One

I’ll remain firing one lineup at a time for the time being, but look forward to continue sharing my experience with you. Until next time!