It never stops. It truly never does. At some point you gotta think “Ok, he’ll have ONE bad game … JUST ONE” — and even when he does, he usually catches fire in the 4th quarter so bright it would make NBA Jam proud. You can argue who the best player in NBA history is all you want, but, if you don’t think Curry isn’t the best showman the league has seen this millennium then I don’t know what to tell ya…

On Tuesday night vs. the Houston Rockets, it wasn’t just a Steph Show — it was of the NSFW variety:

Dude didn’t miss a shot in the first quarter. Literally.

Curry Shots

Are there seriously people who still think this guy is “ruining the game”?

P.S. I know it’s not Steph but can we talk for a second about how after like 85 knee surgeries, Shaun Livingston STILL GOT IT

Also: pretty rare to see a ref admit fault, but, here we are:

Ok back to the Steph Show where HE’S PULLING UP FROM THE PARKING LOT

Believe it or not, this was actually the score at one point:

Warriors vs. Rockets

But then…this happened:


And then it was the remix to ignition, straight out the Oracle kitchen

That Oracle crowd is pretty much the Roman Coliseum when Maximus & Commodus’ swords clash for the first time but for 2.5 straight hours.

And that was a wrap.

  • 35 Points (12-24 FG)
  • 9 Assists
  • 5 Rebounds

later, Steph Curry led the Warriors to a 123-110 victory over Houston.

You knew this Stephsplotion was coming when he tweeted this after his beloved Panthers lost in the Super Bowl

The Warriors are now an NBA best 47-4, the best start to a season through 51 games in the league’s history. Ever. Oh., by the way: at his current pace, Curry is going to break his own 3-pointers made in a season record in the next 10 games.