Welcome back to the best program on TV: The STEPH SHOW.

Ya’ll know the drill by now, here is the best of Steph Curry during the Warriors’ game vs. the Toronto Raptors on Tuesday night:

Just getting warmed up here…

Ok not kidding when I say I think I would have stopped watching basketball if Steph hit this, it’s just not fair…

He’s SNEAKY too!

Not Steph-related but it’s so Warriors it has to be shown:

Steph’s shot so quick the camera couldn’t even catch up before he let it loose

Yo DeMarre Carroll is like legit one of the best defenders in the league LOL

It’s a raining threeeess … Hallelujah it’s a raining threes!

Later, bro.

Roller skating party with Steph Curry, everyone on the Raptors is invited!

Oh, by the way: Per Basketball-Reference: 2015-16 Steph Curry (through 12 games) is the most efficient player ever, and it aint close either…

Screengrab Curry

After his 37-point performance, Steph is shooting 51.7% from the floor this season and 53.4% of his field goal attempts are 3s. Think about that one for a second.

Ok I did, and now I feel like a bad person who’s accomplished nothing in life so i’m going to log off bye.