Everyone loves to make fun of the Spurs for being boring. That’s been the perception of them for the entire Duncan/Popovich era.

Well, lookie here! Seems as though our Spurs like to enjoy some cocktails when they’re not playing machine-like basketball for a living.

TMZ’s video above captures members of the Spurs as they leave Project Club L.A. following Saturday night’s thrilling Game 7 loss to the Clippers. First off, the team bus was waiting for them outside, so this was a very safe outing by the Spurs … but it also looked like things got a little wild.

Obviously the highlight is Tim Duncan in his beater, dragging Aron Baynes (who may have been over served) to the bus. The soft spoken five-time champ even slipped an f-bomb in there when trying to tell Baynes to “shut up”.

I’ll admit that I did laugh when the cameraman keeps trying to talk to Duncan, and says “you guys played great, man.” Only for Baynes to just give him that hammered look, and respond right back: “thanks man!” Followed but another urge to shut up from Timmy.

I may have been one of those people that was a bit bored by San Antonio while I was growing up, but in recent years they’ve turned me. I didn’t want to see them get sent home in Game 7 because I enjoy watching them play so much now. After all these years, if you still think the Spurs are boring, then it’s because of the idea of them, not the way they play … and, I guess, not the way they party either.

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Source for featured photo and video: TMZ