Very likely we’re gonna have an entire NBA season of these ridiculous impressions. Now that BdotAdot5 is a viral star there’s just simply no other option. Right now they’re still pretty solid but I’m really hoping these don’t get worn out before the All-Star break. The key for him is gonna be keeping it fresh.

I like adding in the announcer audio but the vintage player tributes are getting a little stale. I want him to keep it current and make it WEIRD. Luckily his recently launched Youtube page already has a fresh slice of just that…



JR Smith may have only resigned with the Cavs because (of money) they promised they’d supply him a Phunkee Duck in every arena they go to. Kobe has already started the bionic leg revolution in the NBA, might as well upgrade that to straight up wheels.

Fastbreaks would be AWESOME.








PS Kevin Martin = ETHERED.