Pretty mesmerizing montage put together by the Association here. Craziest part is most of the dudes in this mix aren’t even All-Stars. CP3 wasn’t featured once. Must mean there are some filth nasty youngbucks in the NBA right now… and I’m not upset about it either.

Plus there was still plenty of Steph, Kyrie, Harden and even Deron Williams. Props to the editors for including the 4 total times Deron gave a hoot during last season. Imagine if he actually played like he was being paid MILLIONS of dollars ALL THE TIME? What a stupid-fat neck-bearded loser.

And on the complete opposite end of the spectrum; Chef Curry and his daughter Queen Riley are ALREADY getting prepared for all the crossovers this season..



Must run in the family……. Photcred: @dmarjones

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