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This is what happens when an unstoppable force signs the best free agent power forward + signs their best player to a 5 year extension + gets key veterans like Manu, Danny Green and TIM DUNCAN back + signs David West for pennies + STILL HAS THE BEST COACH IN THE NBA AND MAYBE HISTORY.

Someone please explain to me how the friggin Cleveland Cavaliers are still the favorites to win the NBA Title right now? The Spurs are more of a fantasy team than any I’ve ever drafted/manipulated in NBA 2k15… goood lawwwwwwwd!    



They still have 5 roster spots to fill and gotta imagine it’ll be high priced veterans sprinting to San Antonio on a bargain. Winning a title in July is pretty rare in the NBA but crazier things have happened. Is there a way to petition for a Spurs-Warriors Finals matchup? NEED it in the best/most fundamental way.


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