Sunday evening, the NBA’s Western Conference set the All-Star record for points scored in a single exhibition with 196 — ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY SIX POINTS. I don’t care how many Steph Currys you have on the team, this # is unfathomable — even for an All-Star game. Yes, there is hardly any defense played — and the word ‘defense’ is probably a big enough exaggeration to begin with — but still, there were some great highlights plays and special moments so let’s run through the best and brightest of All-Star Weekend’s Main Event

It started off with CP3′s kid “Little Chris” ripping Kobe Bryant during warm ups.

Time to hang em up, Kobes….

Drake handing Meek another L


Can you imagine if Wade and LeBron ever played on the same team omg

You think Westbrook gonna give NBA rims a break bc it’s the All-Star game? GOOD GOD NOPE


Dear NBA please get these two on the same team immediately k thanks bye

Goodness, Air Unibrow…

Anthony Davis Reach Back

Not gonna lie I KINDA MISS THIS

The War between Westbrook and NBA Rims this season is lowkey the most intense storyline

And now it is time to Unleash Westbrook

Russ was gettin mad at players for trying to ruin his MVP LOL

Synchronized Russ’ing

Wait a second, Kawhi smiling? KAWHI SMILING!!!!!

Kawhi Smiling

This is now part of the program where I show you a KOBE SKYHOOK*

*Sigh Hook, sorry.

Then the World was introduced to Jordan Kilganon during the TV timeout and his world-renowned Scorpion dunk

Kobe left the court for the final time to a standing ovation…

And then Steph made a 3 from where they film that ‘Life Below Zero’ show on National Geographic.

…and STILLLLLLLLLL!!!!! The league’s most valuable All-Star… THE BESTBROOK OF ALL WESTBROOKS!!!!

Westbrook MVP

Wait a second….

Westbrook MVP

Bosh Closer

Bosh Closer 2

Bosh Closer 3

Chris Bosh is on the prowl again RUN FOR YOUR LIFE RUSS BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE

Anyways, that’s a wrap for all-star weekend — and what a weekend it was…kudos to the NBA for a phenomenal show once again…