Yesterday I covered why NBA Live 16 may be the worst video game ever created. Barely any players look like themselves, there’s about infinity glitches, and the gameplay just plain sucks. It gives you nothing you want and on top of it all, doesn’t have any cool little shout outs to make it all seem like a real game in the Association.

NBA2k16 meanwhile? Not only do they kill it with the faces and gameplay… THEY GOT CHRIS BOSH PHOTOBOMBING FOOLS YO!!!

Very well could be the greatest random tidbit I’ve ever seen in a video game too… (0:23 second mark)





For all you non-NBA nerds out there, here’s some frame of reference for ya. Bostrich can’t stop WON’T STOP being a silly little birdie. Who knew the Heat could seem so likable?












Never thought I’d say this but WOW I am really looking forward to seeing Chris Bosh back on the court/postgame interviews. Pretty interested in seeing these guys ball it up too…