Last week I glorified NBA2K16 like it was the second coming and I wondered if I went TOO far. Well to put it simply… I WASN’T EVEN CLOSE! Everyday that goes by there’s some other cool feature popping up and leaving me bummed I’m not on the sticks this very second. Today it’s more of the same.

I’ve been wondering for years why you can’t customize your TD celebrations in Madden and this 2 minute video proves just how sick nasty it could be. Look at all those freaking dances man! Could easily spend all day tweaking this stuff till your dude is the ULTIMATE baller, complete with arm sleeves, neck tats, Cabbage Patch boogies, and free high fives from Mamba..


So what doesn’t this game have huh? On a scale of Rajon Rondo’s Jumpshot to Incredibly Amazing, right now I’ve got NBA2K16 holding up at a very strong “Pretty Darn Amazing”. That’s just one notch below “Incredibly”.. I just need to see the Chris Bosh photobomb with my own eyes first.

NBA 2K16 releases tomorrow for all!