Get your just-got-paid Friday going right with a monster, epic, Godzilla-like 14(!!!) Game slate tonight. I think you might, might be able to find a chap or two you’d like to roster, so let’s look at each position to help you winnow the field a smidgy, whadda you say? If you have any questions for tonight games, fire away on Twitter @JasonWalker_72.

Point Guard



Damian Lillard ($9,200) – 30% usage guy and primary everything on a team with a team total of 106.25 is someone I’d like to have on my roster. Lillard has averaged 37 minutes per game over his last four games and there’s a narrative street, at home, that says that he’s still out to prove he should have been selected as an All-Star.

Jrue Holiday ($6,900) – It’s a 14-game slate, so there’s plenty of take-your-pick tonight, but it’s hard not to like Holiday, whose usage over the last 15 games is 32% and playing nearly 30 minutes per game against the Sixers, who have been better defensively overall in the last 15 games but still struggle mightily defending the PG position.

Other Options – Stephen Curry ($10,800), Reggie Jackson ($6,500), Deron Williams ($5,900)


Jordan Clarkson ($5,100) – On a large slate like this, you can get some differentiation rostering against the Spurs. Clarkson has had solid usage over his last 15 games (23+%) and has provided quality games lately, averaging over 31 DKPPG over his last four games. The Spurs played last night, too, which might soften the challenge a bit.

Mario Chalmers ($4,200) – Courtney Lee is no longer a Grizzlie, Grizzly, well, he’s no longer in Memphis, so that will free up some SG minutes, of which Chalmers should be afforded plenty of shares. Chalmers works incredibly well with Mike Conley, per ESPN and NBA stats, they average 116.3 points per 100 possessions. Translation: That’s good! Memphis will likely use what combination often for offense now that Lee is out. Value!

Other Options – Patrick Beverley ($4,800), Marcus Smart ($4,900), Patty Mills ($4,500)

Shooting Guard



DeMar DeRozan ($7,700) – DeRozan is third in the league among qualified players in Usage behind only DeMarcus Cousins and Dwyane Wade over the last 15 games. DeRo is also a top ten free throws attempted player and the Bulls don’t have Jimmy Butler on the back end of a back to back.

Dwyane Wade ($7,100) – Always plays well against the Hawks, with over a DKPPM in his efforts against this season against the ATL. Wade, as mentioned less than an inch above this write-up, is second in usage among qualified players over the last 15 games and will certainly see a bump in usage with Chris Bosh out. This season, that number is 38%.

Other Options – Klay Thompson ($7,600), Kobe Bryant ($6,000), Khris Middleton ($7,200)


Will Barton ($5,500) – Rostering against the Kings SG is a welcomed habit, and they are perpetuating that premise by being third worst against SG over the last three weeks. Barton has a mid 20s% usage rate and has been scoring 32.1 DKPPG over an average of 25 minutes per game, meaning the only thing stopping Barton from being even more awesome is Michael Malone and his determination that 25 minutes of Barton is better than 32 minutes of Barton, or something.

Gary Harris ($4,300) – Of course, if you are saying to yourself, hey, I love the matchup but would rather roster the guy who is getting the minutes that Barton isn’t and then some, it’s Gary Harris, who somehow has managed to average 37 minutes per game over the last four games and does a lot less with it, but this matchup and his salary has some upside and appeal.

Other Options – Zach LaVine ($5,300), Kyle Korver ($4,200)

Small Forward



Danilo Gallinari ($6,900) – The Kings, bad as they are against SG, are worst as compared to the rest of the league against SF over the last three weeks of play. (They are 3rd worst against SG, THE worst against SF). Gallo is a solid usage play (24-25%) and gets to the line like crazy, fourth in the league behind Cousins, James Harden and the aforementioned DeRozan. His salary even dips below 7K to entice, and I am taking the bait.

Kevin Durant ($10,300) – Yes, I suppose you can roster KD. He’s averaged 50+ DK points over his last 15 games and has a solid matchup against the Pacers. The team has a solid implied 112 team total tonight and Durant, along with Westbrook, will have his share, which is large.

Other Options – Trevor Ariza ($6,100), Chandler Parsons ($6,300), Paul George ($8,200)


Tobias Harris ($5,800) – I’m stretching a little bit here in Value Land because I wanted to write Harris up. He’s in my Tourney Plays tonight because he’s coming off the bench, but could still play a lot of minutes behind both SF/PF positions. He’s in a tremendous matchup tonight against the Bulls who are fourth worst among SF and have long struggled this season with the PF position. There’s going to be some uncertainty around how he’ll play and certainly that stems from the variance tonight, but he’s worth taking a shot at in a tourney lineup because SVG could decide to go crazy with his new toy.

Matt Barnes ($5,000) – With Jeff Green gone and Marc Gasol injured, it stands to reason that Barnes, who had played significant amounts of time the last time there was serious outages in these positions, will be back and contributing in a solid game total.

Other Options – Mirza Teletovic ($4,000), Tony Allen ($4,200), Luol Deng ($4,900), Justise Winslow ($4,200)

Power Forward



LaMarcus Aldridge ($6,900)- Played only 25 minutes last night as the Spurs Pop’d most players on a short slate, which frankly, should be outlawed. That is, having the Spurs on a short slate. Anyway, Aldridge had been balling and has a great matchup here against the Lakers, who are second worst defending the PF position.

Zach Randolph ($7,100) – 38%. That’s the usage rate of Z-Bo when Gasol, Jeff Green and Courtney Lee are off the court and he is on. He’s going to have all he can eat with Marc gone and the matchup is neutral so there won’t be much pushback here. The game total is a solid 203.5 so batter up for Randolph.

Other Options – Dirk Nowitzki ($6,000), Nerlens Noel ($6,500), DeMarcus Cousins ($11,000)


Amar’e Stoudemire ($4,200) – Core value for me tonight for two reasons. One, Mr. Hassan Whiteside has graciously gotten himself suspended for tonight’s game against the Hawks who, for our second point, is the absolutely worst with the rebounding, which they addressed at the trade deadline by getting…umm, Kirk Hinrich. Nevermind. Yes for Stoudemire, who lit up the Hawks for 36.50 DK points in 21 minutes the last time he played against them.

Nene Hilario ($4,100) – I don’t love playing Nene on back to backs, especially when he’s played larger minutes on the front end, but the lack of quality options way down here right now and large uncertainty about playing time after trades brings me here. This is assuming that Markieff Morris is still unable to go for his new team (listed as doubtful as of this writing). Nene still has strong per minute rates and can do some damage against a weaker Detroit frontcourt.

Other Options – Bobby Portis ($4,500), David West ($3,900)




Nikola Vucevic ($7,300) – Vucevic’s usage rate is above 28% with the current projected lineup on the floor. The Mavericks have been sneaky generous to opposing centers and the game should be a close one that is above 200 total points. It’s a nice combination with an off-brand name that could score as much as anyone at the position tonight.

Nikola Jokic ($5,800) – It’s an All-Nikola Night! Jokic has been showing his potential to be a consistent 35-40 DKPPG player and then Michael Malone decided to go small and remove the rookie for long stretches at a time. Because of this, he’s a tourney play, but consider that it will be awfully hard to go small when the Kings are playing Boogie, Willie Cauley-Stein and Kosta Koufos. That brings Jokic into a very high total and he has shown what he can produce per minute already this season.

Other Options – Karl-Anthony Towns ($8,500), Marcin Gortat ($6,400), Jahlil Okafor ($6,400)


Robin Lopez ($5,200) – It wasn’t great the last time he faced off against his bro (25 DK points), but that was still a 5x performance and he will be on the floor to try and limit his high usage brother, Brook, locking in a 30ish minute night for RoLo.

Alex Len ($4,700) – That sound you hear in Phoenix is the sound of Markieff Morris rollin’ on out of there, leaving the PF minutes, somewhat, to Mr. Len, who has shown this season that the face-up game works better for him than the traditional center role. Len faces off against the weakest defense against PF over the last three weeks and has struggled all season. Toss in a 215 game total and the vibe of no defense and Len is good to roster tonight for sure.

Other Options –Zaza Pachulia ($5,600), Jared Sullinger ($5,500)