Get your playoff groove going on the Sunday four-game slate! Find your core values and some studs tonight on a slate that offers intense playoff action without the resting and rotational shenanigans the regular season beats us down with. If you have any questions for tonight games, fire away on Twitter @JasonWalker_72.

Point Guard



Chris Paul – LAC vs. POR – $9,000 – Portland PG, OK Damian Lillard, was a great target all season long for opposing PG, and CP3, despite the usage-altering presence of Blake Griffin, Playoff Paul will be needed here to hit that 108 implied team total.

Reggie Jackson – DET vs. CLE – $6,300 – Jackson is always in a good place to erupt for DK points, with over 30% raw usage over his last 12 games, Jackson has the possession usage foundation for going nutso. Throw in the Kyrie Irving defense factor, and Jackson is in a solid spot to produce.

Other Options – Kyrie Irving (vs. DET, $7,400)


Tony Parker – SAS vs. MEM – $4,200 – Parker will be in playoff mode, and the Grizzlies have been a bottom ten team against PGs for the last month. Parker nearly has a floor of 24 DK points, making him a value at worst and a mega-value buster at best.

Jeremy Lin – CHA @ MIA – $4,600 – He has high usage, off the bench or otherwise, at around 26% raw usage, and the Heat have been alright, but not lockdown off the bench where Lin would be matched up.

Shooting Guard



Dwyane Wade – MIA vs. CHA – $6,500 – Over 30% raw usage and likely to spike up here in playoff season, Wade gets the Hornets, who have been ho-hum average against SG the last month. Wade’s been over a DK point per minute over his last 15 games as well.

Nicolas Batum – CHA @ MIA – $6,400 – He went for 35 DK points his last time out against the Heat, and this game between these two teams is the closest (four points) on the slate, with a solid total of 200 for the game.

Other Options – C.J. McCollum (@ LAC, $6,800)


Danny Green – SAS vs. MEM – $3,400 – The Grizzlies have really struggled against the two-guard position recently and Green should be on the floor a good bit of time against them, getting value as all the Spurs seem to have deflated prices due to their last season resting.

Other Options – J.R. Smith (vs. DET, $4,100), Manu Ginobili (vs. MEM, $3,700)

Small Forward



LeBron James – CLE vs. DET – $10,000- Detroit is tough, maybe the best SF defense in the league, fantasy-wise, over the last month. But James is the stud’s stud. He’s over 30% raw usage and 55 DKPPG over his last 10 games.

Kawhi Leonard – SAS vs. MEM – $8,500- He, along with LaMarcus Aldridge, have been the cornerstones of the Spurs offense over the last month, with 28% raw usage and 44 DKPPG. Memphis has been middle of the pack in defense against SF, giving Leonard the edge here.


Marcus Morris – DET @ CLE – $5,100 – He’s going to play a lot of minutes, something to be looking for on this slate, with an average of 36 minutes per game. Morris has been doing fairly well, too, in that amount of time, averaging 30.6 DKPPG over his last 10 games.

Other Options – Jeff Green (vs. POR, $3,900), Joe Johnson (vs. CHA, $4,500)

Power Forward



Blake Griffin – LAC vs. POR – $7,600 – Blake is back and the Clippers have eased him back into action in anticipation of the playoffs. Now, it’s time to cut him loose, but his salary is still locked in at the off-the-bench price. Portland is also bottom ten bad against PFs, so Blake should find some easy targets in this game and continue his well over a DK point per minute pace.

Other Options – LaMarcus Aldridge (vs. MEM, $7,600)


Tristan Thompson – CLE vs. DET – $4,700 – Not much to choose from down here, so Thompson, getting some time against the Detroit centers, which has been a plus matchup for opponents, could see high double digit rebounds and push him over value at $4.7K with his 23.35 DEF rebounding rate.

Other Options – Noah Vonleh (@LAC, $2,700)




DeAndre Jordan – LAC vs. POR – $7,300 – Mrs. Hooper has been super solid, even with Blake back for the Clippers, getting double-doubles in ten of his last 15 games. The Blazers have been the worst defense against centers, giving Jordan another boost.

Hassan Whiteside – MIA vs. CHA – $8,700 – Whiteside has averaged 40 DKPPG in 30 minutes per game as the Heat were easing into the playoffs. Charlotte has been a bottom ten defense against centers

Other Options – Andre Drummond (@CLE, $7,400)


Tim Duncan – SAS vs. MEM – $4,300- Duncan was averaging 22 DKPPG in extremely limited time as the Spurs cruised to the playoffs. The Grizzlies have been bottom ten defending the center position, leaving Duncan in a position to exploit, crush and move on to the next game.