We follow up a small five game X-Mas day slate with a robust 13 games on Saturday. @ games are early starts and will not be in the main slate, but the 11 game main slate is a really solid one for DFS action. Most of the featured tournaments on DK are for the 11 game slate starting at 7PM Eastern, so that is where the focus of this article will be. Philly and Phoenix or Houston and New Orleans look likely to be the most targeted games we have. The Indy/Minnesota game also should have some fantasy goodness. The Easiest one to avoid is the Miami and Orlando game. Miami plays slow and has a high defensive efficiency, so that one with only a 190 total should not be used heavily. Let’s take a look at the matchups and some options to consider.

Miami Heat @ Orlando Magic

Over/Under: 190.5
Line: Magic -3

This is a slower paced game with teams that have solid defensive efficiency ratings. In other words, it is not a good spot to target for fantasy goodness. The upside is most of the stars are right around $7000. I do think one or two of them on each side will return solid value, but it is tough to narrow down who that may be. Whiteside has been good lately, but is not playing in crunch time. Vucevic is solid, but Whiteside is good defensively. I like the matchup for Harris at SF vs. Deng and also the matchup for Bosh vs. Channing Frye. That is why I have those guys listed as top targets. Dwayne Wade and Elf Payton are two others to consider, but I like them less with tougher matchups.


Tobias Harris ($6500)
Nikola Vucevic ($7300)
Hassan Whiteside ($7200)
Chris Bosh ($6900)

Memphis Grizzlies @ Charlotte Hornets

Over/Under: 194
Line: Hornets -3

This is also one of the lower totals on the day and the minutes for both teams are a little tough to nail down. Al Jefferson is done with his suspension and should be back after serving those five games and getting over his injury. He is very cheap and has been practicing for over a week. Therefore I am not worried about his conditioning and think he plays enough minutes to return a nice value at a discounted price. Mike Conley is solid on defense, so I’m not looking at Kemba, but Conley could be a nice value at right around $6000. This is not a great game to target for fantasy points either, but Conley could be the guy who goes big on the value scale. Memphis is ot as good defensively as they have been, but Charlotte plays slower when big Al is in the game to. That leads me to believe that this one might be low scoring and even under the expected Vegas total. None of that sounds positive for fantasy purposes.


Nic Batum ($7200)
Al Jefferson ($6200)
Marc Gasol ($7300)
Mike Conley ($6200)

Houston Rockets @ New Orleans Pelicans

Over/Under: 211
Line: Rockets -1.5

This is one of the best spots to look for fantasy points on paper. The total is over 210, the spread is close and that means we should see a high scoring game with full run for the starters. Both teams did play on Christmas, so that may slow them down or mean a few less minutes. We should still see big games from the top options though. Anthony Davis faces a team that has struggled to stop power forwards all year. On the flip side, New Orleans has been manhandled by Centers, so a cheap Dwight Howard makes sense as well. Norris Cole is too cheap for his new role. With Ish smith traded, he makes a lot of sense as a salary saver, especially if Jrue Holiday is limited on this back-to-back. HArden is one of the most consistent options and routinely gets to 40+ fantasy points with 70+ upside.


Norris Cole ($3300)
Anthony Davis ($10200)
James Harden ($10400)
Dwight Howard ($6600)

Boston Celtics @ Detroit Pistons

Over/Under: 204
Line: Detroit -1

This is an interesting game to look at. The pace uptick probably goes to the Pistons with the Celtics playing faster. Detroit is better defensively so that probably takes the Celtics down a peg. The Celtics ppoint guard defense has been great, spo Reggie Jackson is not in a good spot. They are undersized down low though, so Andre Drummond does. For the Celtics, Sullinger is back, healthy, and seeing minutes again. He feels a bit too cheap. He and Olynyk will likely share much of the big man duties in this one. Isiah Thomas has been awesome this year too, so he would be the guy I would look to for Celtics scoring.


Andre Drummond ($9200)
Marcus Morris ($5600)
Jared Sullinger ($5800)
Isaiah Thomas ($7700)

New York Knicks @ Atlanta Hawks

Over/Under: 201.5
Line: ATL -7.5

The big news in this game is whether or not Carmelo will play. Vegas seems to think it is a real concern as the game does not have an early line posted on it yet. The Analysis is also a lot different depending on whether or not he plays. If Melo is out, Porzingis has been picking up the slack. He, Lance thomas, and Aaron Afflalo would probably benefit most. Atlanta has a balanced attack every game. They tend to spread the love around which makes it tough to really target anyone on their side. Guys like Teague and Milsapp have been solid cash game values. I would probably look to them if I was to take any of the Hawks here.


Paul Millsap ($7600)
Jeff Teague ($6300)
Kristaps Porzingis ($7400)
Arron Afflalo ($5000)

Indiana Pacers @ Minnesota Timberwolves

Over/Under: 206
Line: Indiana -4.5

Indy gets the tick up in this game, but both teams have played pretty high paced. Neither team is particularly good on the defensive end, so we should see a ton of points. The Pacers have really struggled against bigs and Karl Anthony-Townes has been great lately. He should have a huge game in this one. For Indy, the last game against Sacramento is an outlier, so do not get wrapped up loving those game logs. Paul George is the man who helps them win or lose and likely the only guy I would consider using on the Pacers side.


Karl Anthony-Towns ($6900)
Zach Lavine ($5100)
Paul George ($9100)
Ian Mahinmi ($4800)

Denver Nuggets @ San Antonio Spurs

Over/Under: 195
Line:SAS -14

This is another game with no early line from Vegas and we all know why. There is no telling who will be active and who will sit for San Antonio on the tail end of a back-to-back where the first game was closely contested until the end. Maybe Duncan or Parker or Ginobili sit this one out and the value would open up once we know. One thing we do know is Kawhi Leonard is a monster and will likely be playing anyway. He is the top target on the Spurs every game. For Denver we also have some injury situations to worry about. Gallo has been out and may be again. Muddiay is hurt and Nelson missed the last game too. Will Barton is the one guy who you can target no matter what based on his recent play. It’s a tougher matchup for anyone against the Spurs, so be careful doing that. Foye or Nelson make for a solid salary saver depending on who is in and who will see the minutes. There’s too many questions to answer the targets now, but there is definitely a chance we see some value open up before tip off in this one.


None for sure yet, but follow the information we provided above in terms of injury issue’s and rest.

Chicago Bulls @ Dallas Mavericks

Over/Under: 201.5
Line: Dallas -3.5

Dallas being favored was a little shocking to me. The Bulls are on the road on the tail end of a back-to-back so that may be the reason. Deron Williams may be out again here and that would make this a great spot for JJ Barea again, especially at the price. We will operate under that assumption here. He and Dirk Nowitzki would be where I looked to target players in this one. For Chicago, with Noah out, Taj Gibson has been starting, playing good minutes, and returning value or better. He is my favorite play on the Bulls team. Guys like Pau are also seeing minutes and Jimmy butler has been putting up solid numbers as well. This is a paced up game for the Bulls, so I would look to the guys who produce and see minutes regardless.


JJ Barea ($4300)
Dirk Nowitzki ($6400)
Taj Gibson ($4900)
Pau Gasol ($7500)

Los Angeles Clippers @ Utah Jazz

Over/Under: 195
Line: Clippers -1

This is one game I will be staying away from. The Clippers lost a big lead and got pushed late in the fourth quarter by the Lakers last night. Now they face a slow paced team with solid defensive principles in a low total game on the tail end of the back-to-back. Utah does get a slight tick up here in this one based on pace. In a close expected game like this, that could help some of the higher usage scorers they have on Utah. Guys like Favors, Hayward, and Hood would be the targets. I do expect the Clippers to win, but this one will be closer than most people think. Utah should put on a good show here and it should come down to the final minutes.


Chris Paul ($8700)
DeAndre Jordan ($6800)
Gordon Hayward ($7000)
Derrick Favors ($7400)

Cleveland Cavaliers @ Portland Trailblazers

Over/Under: 197
Line: CLE -7

Cleveland is coming off a tough loss to the Warriors on Christmas. They have to travel for this back-to-back, but that may not matter if Damian Lilliard is not going to play. Lilliard missed the last two games and Portland would be a big dog here regardless of his status. The Reason it matters is because a blowout is likely to be the outcome if Lilliard is out. If not, I would still not really know who to target. Lebron is a stud and Love has done well. Kyrie is expensive, and the backcourt is too crowded to really worry about any of those guys. We do have some cheap options on the Portland side, but the Lilliard status is the big question we need answered before we can make decisions regarding who to use here, if anyone.


LeBron James ($10000)
Timofey Mozgov ($3800)
Meyers Leonard ($3700)
Mason Plumlee ($5300)

Philadelphia 76ers @ Phoenix Suns

Over/Under: 204
Line: Suns -12

This should be a high scoring game for the fast paced Suns. The 76ers are one of the worst defensive teams in the entire league, so a fast paced squad like Phoenix should be able to put up numbers. Markieff is out, so guys like Leuer and Mirza, and Warren should get a slight boost. The Blowout risk is always real against the Sixers, so that is a concern. On the Philly side, the backcourt is pretty crowded, so if I was to use anyone it would be the big guys.


Brandon Knight ($7400)
Jon Leuer ($5500)
Jahlil Okafor ($6400)
Nerlens Noel ($5500)