The Vegas Lines

Highest Scoring Games

Pistons vs. Warriors- The Pistons put together a great 4th quarter last night to outlast the Trailblazers. Big Andre Drummond had a 20-20 game and they looked surprisingly good. However, back to reality and Stephen Curry. The Warriors are a 14 point favorite and could blow this thing out quickly.

Trailblazers vs. Nuggets – At a 208 o/u this is the 2nd highest scoring game of the night and presents a lot of value. The Trailblazers will be looking to right the ship after last night’s loss and Damian Lillard will be looking for a triple double. Dig deeper into this one as there is definitely some fantasy goodness.

Lowest Scoring Games

Magic vs. Pacers – Luckily the Jazz aren’t playing tonight, which means we should see no point total under 185. However, the Magic game comes in at the lowest o/u 195. In this contest I have one name for you, Paul George.

Pace of Play

Fastest Projected Games

Pistons vs. Warriors – Everyday when you start your research mark this in your book, the Warriors are one of the fastest paced teams in the NBA. The Warriors are 3rd in the pace of play ratings, but will be first when it’s all said and done. Look for a lot of possessions in this one.

Slowest Projected Games

Grizzlies vs. Clippers – The Clippers are usually ranked as one of the faster paced teams, but tonight they face the Griz. With CP3 doubtful the offense slows and is run through Blake and Deandre. Look for this game to be surprisingly slower and provide a lot of action for the big men.

Bulls vs. 76ers – Both of these teams are listed in the bottom tier of the pace ratings. The 76ers come in at 23rd in pace and really are trying to establish themselves as a half court team. The Bulls…well…I don’t really know what they Bulls are trying to do. This one should be one of the slowest on the night.

Defense vs. Position

Best PG Matchups


Stephen Curry vs. Reggie Jackson – Curry cooled off a little the other night, but that shouldn’t worry you. Steph is an elite PG and should score at an elite rate tonight.

Worst PG Matchups

Elfrid Payton vs. George Hill – Payton had a good outing last game due to more usage with Vuc out. Hill has solidified himself as one of the top 5 PG defenders in the league and will look to shut down Elfrid tonight.

Best SG Matchups


Danny Green vs. The Kings Committee – Green has hit value the past two games and gets a matchup against a Kings team that struggles against SG’s. He may not score 50 fantasy points, but he has a chance at hitting value for a lower price.

NBA Tournament Plays for tonight are HERE

Worst SG Matchups

Monta Ellis vs. Victor Oladipo- Ellis lost all appeal to me after his debacle in Dallas. Unfortunately, he just doesn’t do much other than score. Oladipo is a mediocre defender, but with the Pacer’s other options it just feels bad on paper.

Best SF Matchups


Al-Farouq Aminu vs. Danilo Gallinari – Aminu has turned it around in Portland with a lot of minutes and bundles of energy. I felt like Gallo was playing better D, but the numbers have him middle of the pack at best.

Worst SF Matchups

Kent Bazemore vs. Andrew Wiggins – Just Baze, but maybe not tonight. I like Bazemore’s energy, but the Timberwolves are only giving up 28 DK points to opposing SG’s and that isn’t very promising.

Best PF Matchups


Pau Gasol vs. Nerlens Noel – Pau is mad and that doesn’t bid well for Noel. Philly has given up 50 + to PF’s. Pau sets up great tonight (yes he is technically playing C, but he is listed as PF).

Worst PF Matchups

Ersan Ilyasova vs. Draymond Green- Uhhhh Draymond Green, you would be insane to take Ersanity tonight.

Best C Matchups


Marc Gasol vs. DeAndre Jordan – Surprisingly Jordan has given up a lot of points to opposing Cs this year. Gasol must have read my sheet last week because he finally posted value. His matchup is very favorable tonight.

Worst C Matchups

Andrew Bogut vs. Andre Drummond – Bogut is probable tonight, but wants no part of Drummond. Drummond is a rebound machine and a force to reckon with in the paint. This one could get ugly.

Lineup Quick Hits

Superstar Worth Paying For

Blake Griffin ($9,600) – If you want consistency and the potential highest fantasy scorer on the night look no further than BG3…I mean Blake. With CP3 doubtful, Blake will once again take the scoring reigns and try to post a big line for the Clippers. He had a 50 + DK point outing the last game and will look to replicate that tonight.

Save Big Bucks By Drafting

Austin Rivers ($3,000) – If you are looking for some cap relief tonight, look no further than the coach’s’ son. Austin got the start last game due to CP3 being out and came close to hitting value. If CP3 sits, the minutes will be there. It will all depend on if he gets hot and his ability to score in other categories.

Dud of the Night

Rudy Gay ($7,200) – With DMC out I thought for sure the offense would run through Gay, unfortunately Rondo took it back 10 years and carried the bulk of the scoring. DMC has a chance to play tonight and if he does that will take even more of Gay’s opportunities away. I like other options at this price point tonight.