The Vegas Lines

Highest Scoring Games

Thunder vs. Bulls – The only game coming in over 200 tonight comes in at an o/u of 209. This is usually uncharacteristic of the Bulls, but tonight they get the fast paced Thunder. Obviously Westbrook and Durant are in play, but I love Butler tonight. Butler thrives in fast paced, high scoring games.

Lowest Scoring Games

Jazz vs. Nuggets – Surprise, Surprise…on this short slate the lowest scoring game involves the Jazz. The Jazz are the slowest paced team in the NBA and like to play a half court game utilizing their bigs, Favors and Gobert. Favors was supposedly sick last night, but ended up having a decent game. With an o/u of 192 this is the lowest scoring action on the slate.

Pace of Play

Fastest Projected Games

Heat vs. Timberwolves – Rubio and company are ranked 9th in pace of play with a 102.7. The Heat are tied for 27th. We all know that the Thunder vs. Bulls game should be the fastest of the night, but this game has potential as well. Look for Ricky Rubio to move the ball quick to try and neutralize the Heat’s big men, Bosh and Whiteside.

Slowest Projected Games

Grizzlies vs. Trailblazers – I could easily throw the Jazz in, but I think you get my drift about Utah. The Grizzlies are ranked 24th in pace of play in the NBA. Much like the Jazz, the Grizzlies try to play a half court game that utilizes their two bigs, Gasol and ZBo. The Trailblazers are in the upper half of the pace rankings, but ultimately the Grizzlies should control the pace of this game.

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Defense vs. Position

Best PG Matchups

Mike Conley vs. Damian Lillard – Lillard is a scorer, Lillard is not a defender. Conley has played good in his first couple of games averaging about 14 and 4. If Gasol is forced to sit, Conley will become one of the main scoring options on the team.

Worst PG Matchups

Emmanuel Mudiay vs. Trey Burke – Even though Neto usually gets the start for the Jazz, Burke will cover Mudiay most of the game. Mudiay had a double double against the Lakers last game, but that was solely based on matchup. The Jazz have only given up 44.5 DK points to PG’s during the course of an entire game.

Best SG Matchups

Jimmy Butler vs. All 3 of the Thunder’s SG’s- This is set to be a high scoring game, who will score for the Bulls? Buckets of course! Oklahoma is terrible against opposing SG’s and Butler is the number one scoring option for the Bulls right now.

Worst SG Matchups

Will Barton vs. Rodney Hood/Alec Burks – The Jazz lock down opposing guards. They are only giving up 20 DK points to SG’s over the course of a game. Gary Harris will get the start, but Barton should get the majority of the minutes and looks to have an unfavorable matchup.

Best SF Matchups

Kevin Durant vs. Tony Snell – Uhhhh, I’m not going to sit here and explain this one. Roll KD!

Worst SF Matchups

Gordon Hayward vs. Danilo Gallinari – Hayward is averaging 12 points and 4 rebounds on the season. These numbers are terrible in comparison to previous years output. Tonight he draws Gallinari who has shut down opposing SF’s all season.

Best PF Matchups

Ed Davis vs. Zach Randolph – Say it ain’t so ZBo, but the Grizz have been horrific against PF’s giving up 21 points and 14 rebounds a game. Meyers Leonard may sit due to injury, if he does Davis should get the majority of the minutes and has the best opportunity to produce against a terrible defending ZBo.

Worst PF Matchups

Kenneth Faried vs. Derrick Favors – The Manimal exploded against the Laker’s the other night, but will have his work cut out for him tonight. Favors is a great defender and if he is well enough to play he should be looking to cage the Manimal tonight.

Best C Matchups

Enes Kanter vs. Pau Gasol- On paper this is the best matchup for the Center position, however most of us know that the points can only go around so far in Oklahoma. Kanter will get some rebounds and a couple of points, but Westy and KD should dominate the scoring.

Worst C Matchups

Denver’s C vs. Rudy Gobert – I think it is safe to say that Utah is one of the best defensive teams in the league. With all the center uncertainty for Denver tonight, it may be best to stay away from this matchup.

Lineup Quick Hits

Superstar Worth Paying For

Russell Westbrook ($10,400) – When your elite teammate says that you are the best player on the team, that is saying a lot. Westbrook was a triple-double machine with KD sidelined last year. Amazingly with KD back to full strength, Westbrook is still playing at a similar high level. I love his matchup tonight, as well as his ability to fill up a stat sheet.

Save Big Bucks By Drafting

Alec Burks ($4,600) – Burks has been coming off of the bench, but using his 2nd unit time to the best of his advantage. In his last 4 games he has 25+ DK points in 3. On a short slate, he fits nicely as a potential value play.

Dud of the Night

Marc Gasol ($7,200) – Something is wrong with Marc Gasol. Once again, something is wrong with Marc Gasol. Gasol may sit tonight due to a neck strain, but injury aside he is yet to hit value this year. I am staying away until Gasol proves to me that he is worth the money.